Brave Girls Resist Restraint - DVD
Five Models, 46 Minutes

There's been an alarming increase in the number of incidents during which attractive office-workers are deprived of their clothing, then left bound and gagged -- pretty Penelope Cross is the latest in this long line of innocent young women trussed up in their lingerie by predatory female fugitives! Eyes wide above her duct-tape gag, Penelope shivers in her bra and ultra-skimpy panties, her lithe body secured with rope as she sits writhing in her office chair! At her slightest hint of resistance, barefoot Penelope's more stringently bound to the chair and her breasts bared by the deperada intent on making her own escape!

When a buxom masseuse is confronted by a delusional client, the massage table becomes the site of her subjugation! Attired in skimpy yellow bra and panties, Christiana Cinn offers another of her very special massages, but when the client accuses her of using her skills to control his mind, she's rapidly propelled into bondage that leaves her kneeling on the table! A duct-tape gag muffles her responses to his crazed ranting and Christiana trembles as her impressive breasts are bared, but his domination reaches its peak when her torso is folded down against her thighs! With her face and chest held against the table by tight coils of rope, Christiana wriggles pathetically, her bare soles and bottom starkly exposed!

Exotic and voluptuous, Victoria June makes a dazzling impression in her skin-tight, sparkling blue mini-dress; no wonder the party host invites her to visit his "special" room. But Victoria's not impressed and actually finds the tall wooden post linked to a hanging chain rather creepy, a reaction that's only intensified after she's tied to it! Ball-gagged and barefoot, the brunette beauty rises indignantly on tiptoe as she strains against unyielding ropework, but she's powerless to prevent her amazing breasts from being exposed! After her dress is raised and her panties are lowered, a crotchrope adds to Victoria's humiliation but fortunately for her, rescue's on the way!

We know her as Loren Chance but she prefers to be called the Violet Vixen; whatever the name, she's in quite a bit of trouble as she sits perched on a cafeteria table, her black and purple costume oppressed by tautly-knotted white rope and a red ball spreading her lips! Just in case the beleagured heroine doesn't grasp the extent of her defeat by a leering villain, her heels are removed and she's rolled into a snug hogtie on top of the table! Arching energetically, the Vixen shows plenty of spunk, an impression somewhat diminished by the drooling caused by her ball- gag.

Some burglars are relatively easy-going, just as some of their marks are especially feisty -- Scarlett Sage qualifies as one of the latter. Surprised at bedtime, Scarlett at first simply sits with one hand cuffed to her bed's headboard by the benign bad guy, who warns her to keep quiet while he goes about his business. The petite girl obeys at first, but when she discovers her phone hidden under one of the blankets, Scarlett can't resist trying to call for help. When she's overheard, however, the annoyed intruder's no longer Mr. Nice Guy; hands now cuffed behind her back and ankles also cuffed, Scarlett sits tape-gagged in her bra and panties, clearly no longer a problem for the thief! But the flexible little lady has one surprise left when she manages to slide her legs under her arms; she's about to remove her gag when she's interrupted in timely fashion! No more antics for spunky Scarlett, who's left to squirm in hogtied restraint by a short rope-link between her wrist- and ankle-cuffs!

ID #: FB-492
Price: $25.00