Rope Bound Beauties - DVD
Five Models, 44 Minutes

When Jenna Reid answers a knock at her door and finds a disoriented Chloe Scott standing there, kind-hearted Jenna invites her in. A big mistake as it turns out, because as soon as she's in the door, Chloe overpowers her small hostess; moments later, a stunned Jenna sits securely bound on a lounge, her lips sealed with duct-tape while the sneak-thief goes about her business! Once she's finished, mischievous Chloe can't resist taking advantage of the trussed-up girl by fondling her bare breasts, then removing her sandals and tickling her bare feet! But Chloe's in for a nasty surprise of her own when her partner shows up; soon she's struggling barefoot, tied and tape-gagged on the floor next to the lounge, where Jenna's now wriggling on her stomach!

Slender nude Penelope Cross stands bound and trembling against a wall, her long brown hair flowing down over her bare breasts! Penelope's pleas for mercy are answered with a ball-gag, which muffles her protests after she's crotch- roped. Once she's seated on a platform, Penelope's relieved of the crotch- rope, but her legs are folded against her chest by coils tightened around her thighs and back; trapped in a web and kicking up her bare feet in frustration, she unintentionally offers tantalizing views of her pussy!

Christiana Cinn's bright red dress attracts the attention of a bad girl on the run, who relieves the buxom brunette of the garment, then seats her naked, tied and tape-gagged in a wooden chair! Spirited Christiana twists desperately in her bondage while the intruder searches her home, then rises carefully to her feet and grasps the phone she left on the nearby dining table. The no- nonsense villainess deals ruthlessly with Christianna's initiative by leaving her hogtied on the table, where she arches so energetically that her bare breasts lift up from its surface!

Ultra-busty Victoria June's wide eyes search her surroundings anxiously and she murmurs behind the duct-tape sealing her lips as she sits naked and bound on a small mattress! Although Victoria rolls onto her side to strain against the ropework restraining her, then kicks up her bare feet while writhing on her stomach, she's unable to free herself. Any hope of escape disappears after Victoria's pinned facedown by ropes stretched across her back and legs by linkages to the old- fashioned mattress handles!

Chloe and Jenna meet again when they're rivals for the heroine's role in a questionable film project. Attired in glistening nighties, they're directed to display the appropriate DID emotions as they sit next to each other on a couch; efficiently bound and tape-gagged, the barefoot girls twist in ropework, with Jenna a vibrant struggler while Chloe's more of a wide-eyed innocent. Both are taken aback when their breasts are bared by the order of a creepy casting agent, so their resistance to bondage takes on an even more resistant tone! But the climax to their unorthodox audition occurs when they're hogtied -- while Chloe squirms pathetically on the couch, Jenna arches with striking defiance on the hardwood floor!

ID #: FB-493
Price: $25.00