The Lois Legacy - DVD
Four Models, 45 Minutes

A Bondage Video by Jon Woods! Starring Arielle Lane, Ashley Lane, Loren Chance and Lola Pearl with Lorelei Mission and Jon Woods

THE LOIS LEGACY story begins with a brief introduction from the stars, Arielle Lane and Ashley Lane. Our plucky damsels explain that they're cousins and share a few genetic traits from their famous great-grandmother. For one thing they're both reporters, Arielle for "The Los Angeles Tribune" and Ashley for "The National Rumor." They both love snooping around, and they have a special affinity for getting into trouble. It almost goes without saying that the danger-prone journalists give this explanation while bound hand and foot. Next Arielle Lane has gone undercover dressed as a French maid, investigating the story of a missing mermaid. The gorgeous brunette is caught snooping and consequently tied up. She's questioned by her captors, and while she's honest about her motives, she tries to minimize the ridiculous story. But the villains know how serious this is, and they ballgag poor Arielle. She struggles in vain against the snug ropes, helplessly drooling past her gag. They expose her pert, all-natural breasts and Arielle wonders how she'll escape from this dilemma. It could only be more humiliating if her cousin Ashley was the one who came in to rescue her.

Then Ashley and Arielle (in dresses, stockings with garters and heels) have both been nabbed while investigating a story of international intrigue. The roped-up reporters are hogtied and cleavegagged on a bare mattress, and the villain explains that they're going to leave the stunning duo there to flounder while they make their escape. He also points out that whichever lady gets loose first will be able to file the story with her publisher before her rival. Arielle and Ashley moan and squirm as they fight against the ropes, each one desperately trying to be the one to scoop her cousin. But can either of them escape at all? But it seems our damsels' captors weren't done toying with their luscious hostages just yet. Both damsels are stripped down to panties, stockings and garters and frogtied on the mattress. Ashley is bandana-gagged and Arielle has duct tape pressed on her lips, and both reporters have powerful vibrators roped to their thighs! The devices are turned on, and soon Arielle and Ashley are fighting against their restraints and trying hard to resist the relentless hum of the Hitachi. But the all-natural beauties can't liberate themselves, nor can they escape the ineluctable one-note siren song of the vibrator and they succumb to shuddering bondage orgasms.

As "Women In Black - The Half-Bondarian" begins, Princess Septavia of Oceana (Loren Chance) has been recruited by the organization to investigate an interplanetary smuggling operation being run out of an innocent-looking thrift store. The store owner immediately ascertains why she's there and reveals himself to be a reptilian extraterrestrial! He quickly paralyzes the aqua-haired lovely and discovers her true identity. Septavia (in minidress, black tights and high heels) is then cleavegagged and hogtied, and she moans and squirms against her restraints. The reptilian villain then enters to inform his royal captive of his dire plans for the tied-up princess.

Meanwhile, the Women In Black's newest agent, Lola Pearl (in de rigueur pantyhose, white shirt, black tie, skirt, jacket and heels) is sent to get help from the mysterious Dr. Wolf. The unsuspecting agent is quite surprised to discover that the doctor is a werewolf, and he doesn't like visitors! The furry villain uses a paralyzing spray to subdue the statuesque beauty, and she's soon bound to a post. Dr. Wolf scans her DNA, and they're both shocked to learn that Lola is half-human and half-Bondarian -- the first one ever known! He ballgags the leggy brunette, exposes her perfect breasts and hikes up her skirt and then plans to sell her and make a tidy profit from his unexpected discovery. Poor Lola desperately tries to free herself from this ous situation. Will she be able to access her Bondarian side in time to save her own life?

Princess Septavia is still being held captive by two reptilian aliens. The royal damsel has been stripped naked, silenced with a wraparound microfoam tape gag and securely bound to a chair. They've also strapped a vibrator in place between her thighs. The monstrous aliens have told the all-natural beauty that they intend to have her for dinner, and that by compelling her to orgasm, she'll taste better to them. They switch on the device, and before long Septavia begins loudly moaning through her gag and spasming in helpless orgasms as the creatures grope and paw at her helpless, bound form. Will the princess be saved, or will she be the main course?

ID #: JW-109
Price: $25.00