Welcome To Hollywood - MIB - DVD
One Model, 43 Minutes

Small-town cowboy Dustin Daring has big dreams of making it in hollywood. Unfortunately a unscrupulous movie producer picks Dustin up and shows him the ropes!

Dustin Daring is first tied up in just his underwear, socks and cowboy hat! As he struggles to free himself from the bandana gag and rope bondage he slowly inches his way down a staircase before getting caught by his captor!

Next up for Dustin is to be put into some athletic clothing and tied standing. As he tries to call for help from behind his tape gag Dustin tries to pull free from the rope bondage!

The movie producer wants to see Dustin play a detective handcuffed and chair bound. When Dustin tries to escape again he is taped down to the chair so he won't go anywhere as the producer can plot his next scene.

To get some realism to the day Dustin is zip tied in the kitchen floor and directed to struggle against the stiff plastic restraints! With his tape gag wrapped around is head there is no getting the gag loose enough to call for help so Dustin works himself up to a standing position and tries to hop away!

Dustin is stripped to his underwear again and after some struggling on the couch his captor connects his hands to his bare feet and puts poor Dustin in a hogtie!

ID #: MIB-122
Price: $25.00