No Spending Spree For The Bondage Burglar - DVD
Two Models, 49 Minutes

A warm welcome back for Eden Wells, who displays her rope-rigging skills at the expense of Holly Manning before falling out with her partner in crime! After the thieving pair surprise Holly a in her bedroom, the towering thug gags her with mouth- stuffing and duct-tape before turning the dazed young woman over to Eden! While Holly kneels barefoot in her -shirt and shorts, Eden, a striking figure in black sweater, skirt, beret and dark glasses, trusses her up with elegant efficiency! To complete Holly's restraint, the Parisian predator treats her to a cross- ankled hogtie, but while their prey squirms on her stomach, Eden and the thug engage in an argument that can end in only one way!

So now Eden receives a taste of bondage herself as she stands tape- gagged, her ankles tied and arms raised overhead to a wooden beam. Freed from the hogtie, only for her wrists and ankles to be tape-bound by the leering crook, Holly sits on the edge of her bed. Eden's arms are later released from their uncomfortable position, only to be pinned behind her back by rope coiled around her sweater before she's seated next to Holly on the bed. There the two hostile women achieve a wordless truce and try to free each other, but Eden's man puts an end to their initiative!

It's obvious that the man who'd arrived at Holly's house in search of loot is now distracted by the opportunity to subdue two attractive women in bondage and enjoy their contortions! Wearing a black dress accentuated by white stripes, Holly sits roped to a chair, while a similarly-restrained Eden's seated next to her in a colorful dress from Holly's closet; high-heeled red sandals frame both women's bare feet. The Bondage Burglar continues his pleasurable process of domination by stuffing cloth in both women's mouths and sealing their lips with black tape, then binding and tethering their ankles. Confident that the struggling pair lack the strength to loosen his ropework, he soon leaves to ransack Holly's house. Eden and Holly do succeed in turning their chairs back-to-back, but before they can proceed beyond slightly unravelling Holly's wrist bonds, their nemesis returns with new and humiliating ideas!

It's an arrangement neither of his subjects appreciate, but that's clearly a turn-on for the burglar: Wearing a sleeveless red top and black leggings, a tied and tape- gagged Holly squirms face-down on her couch and kicks up her bare feet; lying on a rectangular ottoman and facing away from Holly, Eden battles bondage oppressing her lithe body clad in tight grey slacks and black top! The bound blonde writhes with impressive intensity alone when Holly's momentarily led away by her former partner, but a diabolical outcome awaits her when the helpless homeowner returns. While Eden lies on her back, the heartless intruder seats Holly back on the couch, then lifts her legs and places her bare feet on the face of his one-time associate! As Eden whimpers through her tape-gag at his latest treachery, he savors her abject plight and jokes with Holly!

Growing bolder as his departure approaches, the vicious man in charge moves Holly and Eden outdoors to the patio, where they stand bound, cleave- gagged and roped back-to-back against a wooden post. Although she's still powerless in her own home, it's thought-provoking to see Holly towering over Eden, whose bare feet arch in flat sandals; the menacing adventuress in black who hogtied Holly only a few hours earlier now seems petite and vulnerable, a pawn in her partner's scheme who will face the rigors of the law when she's finally released from her bondage!

ID #: HH-172
Price: $25.00