Giselle And Samantha: Tied-Up For A Ticket - DVD
Two Models, 51 Minutes

When word started to spread that she'd won a very lucrative lottery, beautiful businesswoman Giselle Palmer was understandably upset that her secret had been revealed. So she called her friend Samantha Hayes, who'd bought the ticket with her, and suggested they get together to decide on their next move. Before Samantha could meet with her, however, Giselle was seized and tied by a hooded figure determined to extract the location of the ticket from her! As she sat bound in her office chair, Giselle claimed that rumors of her new-found wealth were false, but the ominous figure wasn't about to leave until he got the answer he wanted! After gagging her, the intruder allowed the trussed-up target of his interrogation to reconsider her answer; when she continued to stonewall, he removed Giselle's strappy sandals and tickled her stockinged soles! Then he heard Samantha arriving downstairs, so he turned his attention to her and left the intimidated beauty to struggle alone.

Slender Samantha never had a chance against the predatory thief, who grabbed the stunned girl and tied her hands behind her! Once he had Samantha standing roped and tethered to the stair- railing, he gagged her with black tape, then returned upstairs to Giselle. After he was gone, Samantha strained with all her strength against her bonds but only managed to loosen the tether pinning her to the railing. Finding herself on the floor, she continued to struggle desperately; although Samantha's flats slipped off her bare feet, he small body remained subdued by rope until the hooded man returned to guide her upstairs!

Time had passed but little had changed for Samantha, still twisting anxiously as she sat tied in her tight black blouse and ankle-length skirt; her eyes were wide with worry above the black cloth now gagging her because Giselle was nowhere to be seen! It was a relief when she finally appeared, even though she was tape-gagged and her curvaceous body was secured with rope when their captor led her into the room. After seating Giselle next to her friend and tying her ankles together, he voiced another dire warning about their lack of cooperation, then briefly left them. The contrasting pair -- buxom Giselle in her bright red blouse and short skirt and the willowy and more modestly-dressed Samantha -- huddled together and murmured apprehensively. Attempting to take advantage of the ominous man's absence, Samantha wriggled onto the floor but was no closer to escape when he returned to untie the barefoot girl's ankles and lead her away while Giselle continued to writhe on the futon and kick up her stockinged feet in anguish at her plight!

Stripped of their clothing, then bound in nearly identical red bras and panties, Samantha and Giselle continued to claim that they knew nothing of the ticket the man in black was so desperate to obtain! The implacable villain wasn't about to give up, so as Samantha lay facedown on Giselle's bed, he raised her bare feet and mercilessly tickled her soles! Wriggling and squealing, she still refused to give the answer he wanted, so the frustrated felon shifted his attention to Giselle, who sat on the floor with her back against the bed. Then it was her feet that were raised and tormented by vibrating fingers, but once more the truth eluded him and he began to question the information he'd received about the girls' lottery win. So after tape-gagging the targets of his interrogation, he left them writhing in the bedroom while he contacted his source. What a surprise for this harried evildoer when he found the apparently powerless pair gone from the bedroom and edging their way down the stairs to the front door and freedom!

Take one bewildered villain, add two bound, gagged and naked best friends and the result's a volatile situation whose resolution no one could foretell. Seated side- by-side, Giselle and Samantha listened nervously as their hooded nemesis voiced his doubts -- his source admitted that the rumor about their lottery win might have been false. But he was in deep now, so what was he going to do with these pretty captives? While his back was turned, Samantha courageously stood and hopped over to a lounge chair where the confused crook left his phone; her fingers worked rapidly, then she slipped back to her chair! After the thug managed to focus his attention, he noticed the phone and taunted the girls for failing to take advantage, then tethered them to the chairs. These two innocent young ladies were in deep trouble -- all they could do was wait and hope!

ID #: HH-176
Price: $25.00