Ryan Vs. Lola: Innocent Beauty Snared By Sexy Vixen - DVD
Two Models, 52 Minutes

They couldn't be a more dramatically contrasted pair: blonde Ryan Ryans so sweet in her little white nighty; raven-haired Lola Pearl so menacing in her tight black pants and boots! Larcenous Lola showed no mercy to Ryan after dragging her from under the covers, first ball-gagging the wide-eyed beauty once she was trussed-up, then watching as the bound girl struggled desperately on her bed! Ryan's plight grew more disturbing when Lola straddled her to toy with her rope- framed bare breasts; to accentuate her submission, Ryan was shifted to a kneeling position, where she squirmed as her nipples were tweaked! Delighted by her bound plaything, Lola untied Ryan's ankles so she could whisk her away for more lustful enjoyment!

What a chilling predicament for Ryan -- standing naked in Lola's dark lair, her limbs subdued by rope, her lips sealed by tape! While Ryan shifted nervously on her bare feet, the smirking femme fatale playfully swatted her captive's bare bottom before licking and squeezing those tempting nipples! But Lola had even more sinister plans for Ryan, beginning with a change in position that folded the nude beauty into a hogtie on a black platform; a pair of toe-tied sculpted soles begged to be tantalized, so wicked Lola applied her fingernails and Ryan wriggled! To assist Ryan's arching, the aroused thief pulled back her hair while licking and sucking her toes -- but her delirious domination soon came to a screeching halt!

Lola's past came back to haunt her when an old enemy penetrated her inner sanctum and turned the tables on her in shocking fashion! Seated on the platform, her breasts and feet bared, the crestfallen adventuress writhed rope- bound and mouthed the ball-gag that she'd strapped in Ryan's mouth. A thirst for revenge energized Ryan, who made sure that Lola's nipples paid for the humiliation she'd experienced earlier; revealing a macabre sense of humor, she utilized a skull taken from a shelf in the forbidding room to menace the intimidated bad girl's tits and toes! If Lola hoped to avoid a vengeful hogtie, she was disappointed by the rope web that raised her naked soles vulnerably high for Ryan to tickle; her head raised higher when the novice dominatrix yanked on her long dark hair!

After Ryan discovered another useful device in Lola's castle of kink, her naked and powerless enemy stood roped to the wooden post! Stunning in a tight red dress and strappy heels, Ryan savored Lola's lack of clothing before gleefully stuffing cloth into her mouth; strips of black tape completed the gag that muffled her curses! Lola's lithe nude body became the playground of a meek captive turned creative disciplinarian; Ryan's spike-heels hovered inches above Lola's bare feet and a crotch-rope materialized between her legs as she struggled against unforgiving bondage! Ryan laughed while once again using her friend Mr. Skull to emphasize her triumph over the woman who'd so ruthlessly played with her!

But Ryan's laughter didn't last -- the man who'd freed her from Lola's clutches had his own ulterior motive, one that required the beautiful young woman's return to bound and gagged servitude! Her bare breasts thrusting through coiled ropes, Ryan sat on the floor next to naked Lola, secured and silenced in nearly identical fashion. Glaring angrily at each other, they failed to recognize any kinship in their common subjugation; instead they kicked at each other while rolling around on the floor! Alluring contortions intermingled with devious maneuvers that left Lola twisting on her back while Ryan's bare soles pressed against her breasts!

ID #: HH-177
Price: $25.00