Wide-Eyed, Gagged And Tied - DVD
Three Models, 49 Minutes

Perky little Celeste Rasmussen was embarrassed when a female friend found her in the process of tying herself up. Not that Celeste was having much success fumbling with rope, as she explained that her boyfriend had hinted that he'd like to try some bondage with her, so she wanted to get a feel for the experience. When her friend offered to help, Celeste gratefully accepted and soon sat on the edge of her couch, snared in coils of white rope that strikingly contrasted with her red crop top and denim shorts. Celeste was intrigued by the restrictions on her mobility and writhed playfully, then asked to be released. Her kinky friend had another agenda, however, and added a ball-gag when the bound girl protested; once her breasts were bared, Celeste understood how neatly she'd been conned, but could do nothing but wriggle barefoot on the floor under the eyes of her aroused gal-pal!

Maya Kendrick was such a happy, high-spirited cheerleader -- until a wicked woman ruined her day with bondage! Maya's tall, athletic body was rendered powerless by rope as she stood ball-gagged and tethered to her bedpost in a colorful uniform and sneakers. When she noticed that her phone still lay partially hidden on the bed, Maya strained desperately and freed herself from the bedpost. She was caught fumbling the phone with her bound hands, however, then secured against the headboard by ropes that folded her legs against her torso and prevented her from doing anything more than kicking up her sneakered feet!

Surprised as she emerged from her shower, a stunned Ryan Ryans sat on the edge of her bed, wrapped in a towel pressed against her body by the web of rope subduing her; a black tape-gag kept her quiet! Ryan tried to free herself by rolling on the bed, but at first managed only to expose her breasts. After struggling energetically, however, the busty blonde loosened her bonds, removed the tape sealing her lips and spat out the cloth stuffed in her mouth. Her escape attempt ended there and the unsympathetic intruder replaced rope with black plastic ties tightened around her wrists and ankles. Re-gagged, Ryan strained cautiously against the plastic restraint that was augmented by a longer strip that raised her bare feet close to her hands in a hogtie!

How did such an innocent young lady get into so much trouble? Stripped naked, Celeste Rasmussen was pinned to a wooden chair by a formidable web of rope; her protests were met with a cloth wad stuffed between her lips and held in place with a wide strip of cloth tightened over her mouth! Although Celeste pressed her bare toes against the floor and twisted in the chair with admirable determination, her small nude body failed to loosen the knotted restraints; black tape replaced cloth as Celeste's gag during her struggles.

Although leggy Maya Kendrick appeared quite fetching in her tight little top and very short shorts, the hooded troublemaker was only interested in tying her up! Placed face- down on a couch, her wrists and ankles bound, Maya pleaded that a gag was unnecessary, but he coldly responded by stuffing a large chunk of cloth in her mouth, then wrapping silver tape around her head and over her hair until she was thoroughly silenced! Maya at first sat trembling on the edge of the couch, then rolled back onto her stomach after her top was pulled up and her shorts pulled down to humiliate her! BONUS: After her gag was removed, Maya giggled when her very soft soles got a brief tickle treatment!

ID #: FB-501
Price: $25.00