Melody And Milana: Double Bondage Trouble - DVD
Two Models, 46 Minutes

Councilwoman Melody Wylde underwent a stunning ordeal by bondage last year when she refused a politician's bribe (see KD-99). But the ruthless operative responsible for binding and gagging her over and over that day had been seized by the law and was safely in prison -- or so Melody believed! What a sickening surprise for her then, as she and girlfriend Milana May cuddled on the bed in skimpy lingerie, when the hooded thug materialized in her bed room, thirsting for revenge! Assisted by a henchman, he ordered the petite brunettes to kneel side-by-side, then stuffed cloth in their mouths and tied their hands behind them! After pushing Milana and Melody onto their stomachs, he bound their ankles with more lengths of black rope before stepping back to savor their anxious writhing! Later, their gags completed with duct- tape, the innocent young women curled up and whimpered while the bitter intruder menaced them with the promise of more intense humiliation to come.

The despicable man wasted no time in keeping his promise: Stripped naked, the trembling lovers sat next to each other on a padded bench at the foot of the bed, their small bodies controlled with coils of the sinister black rope! Melody and Milana strained desperately against their bonds as they pressed their little bare feet against the floor but they remained trapped in bondage! The sneering evildoer later accentuated his domination by arranging his prey on the floor so that they knelt face-to-face, then ordered Milana and Melody to provide an erotic show for him by pressing their breasts together! Enthralled by their embarrassed contortions, however, he ignored the sounds of security officers approaching; the bound and gagged pair were rescued and their nemesis was on his way back to a maximum-security prison!

So Councilwoman Melody could relax again, secure in the knowledge that her vicious enemy was back behind bars. Until, that is, she returned home from a council meeting to find Milana sitting trussed up and gagged in a chair! Already stunned by the sight of her wide-eyed girlfriend squirming in rope, Melody listened in disbelief as a silky voice announced that she was the daughter of the man who'd tormented the couple mere weeks earlier! The disturbing deja-vu episode continued after Melody joined Milana in bondage; also cleave-gagged and tied in her blouse, skirt and heels, the councilwoman murmured consolingly to her lover, whose slender body was oppressed by coils of white rope over a short green dress. Their new enemy revealed a wicked streak worthy of her father by baring the breasts of her playthings before taking Milana for a private interview and leaving Melody tethered to her chair and struggling alone!

The diabolical woman reunited the subjects of her vendetta for the very specific purpose of degrading the councilwoman she hated. Perched on a chair in the corner, Milana was bare-breasted, tied and tape-gagged but her ankles were free of rope so that she could lift one of her bare feet close to the mouth of her dazed partner. Curled up on the floor, bound in her skirt and pantyhose, Melody had been left ungagged so that she could haltingly wrap her lips around Milana's bare toes at the order of the delighted avenger! In no position to resist, Melody sucked Milana's toes, then licked her soles until they were soaked while the psychotic woman relished her plight! Once she was sufficiently entertained by the councilwoman's oral display, Melody was also gagged with duct-tape, then huddled apprehensively next to the chair where Milana's ankles were now tethered.

Melody's persecution reached its inevitable conclusion when she stood naked and roped to a wooden post in that same corner of the room. She was soon joined by Milana, who also stood bare-skinned and tape-gagged as she balanced carefully on her bare feet. Enjoying every second of her control over the luscious little nudes, the nastily humorous woman added crotch-ropes to Melody and Milana's restrictive webs, before taking photos of their unintentionally erotic undulations that she promised to post online! Satisfied by the fulfillment of her shameful project, the deranged daughter left her emotionally exhausted captives to free themselves, then pray that there were no family members left to pay them a visit!

ID #: HH-183
Price: $25.00