Lola Pearl's Dick Tasting Humiliation - DVD
One Model, 31 Minutes

Lola Pearl disguised herself in a sleek black catsuit, boots and mask to hunt down a villain who'd been uttering dire threats against the entire city! But she reckoned without his henchman Dogo Da Vinci, who was soon happily inserting a red ball- gag between her lips as she struggled bound on the floor! Before long, Lola's bondage became even more restrictive when coiled ropes folded her knees close to her chest.

Lola's situation didn't improve after she was raised from the floor,trussed to a chair and cleave-gagged. Taking advantage of the gorgeous femcat's powerless position, sleazy Dogo crassly shifted her strappy top until a pair of bare breasts emerged between their rope-frame, then fondled them at his leisure! As a final indignity, Dogo removed Lola's mask and left the humiliated heroine squirming in the chair.

After the chief conspirator left to enact his dastardly scheme, it was back to the floor for Lola, who lay hogtied with Dogo looming over her! Lola rolled about desperately on the carpet and tried to communicate with the henchman despite the black ball-gag spreading her lips. He finally responded and the pair reached a surprising compromise: Because even Dogo was alarmed by his boss's plan, he'd free Lola so she could bring him to justice. But in return, she'd wrap her luscious lips around his male member and bring his day to a happy ending; Lola reluctantly kept her promise, a sacrifice she made in service of the greater good!

ID #: AK-10
Price: $25.00