Grab And Bind Of Celeste Rasmussen: Obsessed With Celeste - DVD
One Model, 48 Minutes

Cat-burglar Celeste Rasmussen felt a surge of pride after completing her first theft but the good feelings didn't last long! Celeste had been stealthily followed by a veteran thief who didn't appreciate a new light-fingered competitor; to discourage her ambitions, he pounced on the shocked girl, tied her hands behind her and gagged her with a knotted black cloth! After coiling rope around her chest, he perched Celeste on a desk above the safe she'd looted, then watched in growing excitement as the masked captive struggled in her black skin-tight suit and boots. Celeste energetically resisted his ropework but the hogtie he applied as she squirmed on her stomach removed any doubt that she'd been mastered!

The hooded figure had only planned to intimidate Celeste by leaving her in bondage, but the petite girl's allure had altered his intentions. So Celeste stood deprived of her costume and tied to a wooden post; clad only in bra and panties, she trembled as her perverse admirer ball-gagged her, then pinned her to the post with coils of rope above and below her breasts! Breasts that were inevitably bared, as was a furry little pussy when her panties were pulled down so a crotch-rope could be tightened between her legs! Celeste bitterly regretted her foray into larceny and yearned for freedom, but the dark man was far from through with her!

Utterly naked, Celeste lay on a massage table, hands tied down above her head and ankles secured at the other end of the table. Celeste's bare-skinned body writhed in a rope-web while the predatory figure loomed above her to stuff cloth in her mouth and seal her lips with duct-tape! His enticing plaything secured and silenced, the delighted man indulged his perverse tastes by tickling Celeste's toe-tied bare soles before nastily snapping rubber bands against her insteps!

After her massage-table ordeal, Celeste almost felt relieved to sit bound and tape- gagged on a small black cube, her nudity cloaked by a silky red robe. But her brief interval of mild restraint ended when the man she'd come to hate yanked open the robe and leered at her curvaceous little body. A more diabolical experience followed after Celeste's position was altered so that she knelt with her upper body resting on top of the cube and her bare bottom vulnerable to spanking by a small wooden paddle! The obsessed villain had been careless, however, so anonymous tips led to a raid that rescued Celeste and sent her tormentor away for a long stretch in an unforgiving facility.

But some obsessions will triumph even over iron bars, as Celeste discovered to her great dismay. The former cat-burglar had turned her life around and was working late at the office where she'd become a trusted executive secretary when her worst nightmare reappeared! Incredulous at this terrible twist of fate, Celeste sat bound in her blouse and skirt, tape-gagged and tethered to her chair while her nemesis exulted! Celeste was powerless to resist when he once again exposed her breasts, then compounded her plight by arranging her so she knelt backward on the chair, her small stockinged feet flexing as she fought to maintain her balance! His vicious triumph was complete, as was her humiliation -- but sometimes fate decrees one final twist in the contest between good and evil!

ID #: KD-103
Price: $25.00