Tali And Emma: The Master's Pieces - DVD
Two Models, 45 Minutes

"I'm here to collect you for the Master!" -- those were the chilling words spoken by the woman who'd suddenly appeared in Tali Dova's bedroom! Cornered on her bed, barefoot Tali soon lay bound and tape-gagged in her bra and panties, twisting anxiously as the woman eyed her clinically. To assure that the slender brunette was worthy of the Master, Tali's breasts were bared and her luxurious bush exposed, then the collector watched in approval as she battled her bondage unsuccessfully!

In another home not far away, petite barefoot blonde Emma Hix heard the same troubling phrase and soon struggled in another tight rope embrace! Emma curled up timidly after the cups of her frilly bra were pulled down to expose her breasts, but then she spotted her phone at the other end of the couch. After wriggling energetically along the red leather couch, Emma lay within inches of the phone when the ruthless woman halted her progress and pulled down her panties! Although Emma continued to struggle, the trussed and tape-gagged girl was sadly aware that she'd been collected.

Tali and Emma met for the first time as they knelt side-by-side on a shaggy white rug; both were barefoot and wore short black dresses coiled with rope. Their anxious conversation was interrupted by the Master, who arrogantly demanded their loyalty. When the bound girls courageously defied him, they were summarily gagged with knotted black cleaves, then left to consider their very limited options. Murmuring to each other, Emma and Tali curled up back-to-back and tugged at each other's wrist bonds in an attempt to escape their shared plight. When the evil woman discovered them, the bound girls were rolled onto their sides and legs folded by tethers to their upper bodies; dresses drawn up to bare their nether regions, Tali and Emma writhed desperately on the floor!

The Master's newest subjects were briefly released but deprived of their dresses, then Tali knelt naked, bound and gagged, her bottom exposed as she leaned over a couch. Because they refused his demands for submission, the egotist decreed discipline, so Emma reluctantly swatted Tali's ass while the nude girl cringed; after the roles were reversed, Emma's ivory skin reddened as Tali wielded the paddle against her bottom! Once the spanking sequence was concluded, the unfortunate pair huddled together on the couch in more substantial ropework before again kneeling on the floor under the Master's scornful glare.

Emma and Tali were allowed to rise from their knees but the position they found themselves in was not an enviable one: Standing next to each other, naked and ball- gagged, they balanced barefoot and twisted against the overhead rope-link supporting them. Although the Master's henchwoman appreciated the bondage, she suggested strategic additions, so crotch-ropes were added to spread their pussy- lips and complement the rubber balls that elicited an impressive amount of drooling! Directed to press their breasts together by the implacable Master, Tali and Emma finally surrendered to his intimidating campaign and agreed to be his servants -- but he'd be wise not to become complacent in the company of these spirited girls!

ID #: HH-189
Price: $25.00