Grab And Bind Of Harmony Wonder - DVD
One Model, 45 Minutes

Sweet Harmony Wonder's in big trouble, because the petite realtor has refused to play along with a man who desperately wants to buy a house that's just been sold. Harmony soon discovers why he's so eager to take control of the house -- he believes that cash from a long-ago robbery's hidden there! Once Harmony's neatly trussed-up in her demure jacket and skirt, silenced with mouth-stuffing and duct-tape, the greedy thief goes on a money hunt while she writhes in bondage at her desk and searches for a means of escape. When her attempt to reach the phone fails, Harmony slips off her heels and stands barefoot but the frustrated crook returns to grab her for an extended interrogation!

After her business attire disappears, Harmony lies naked, tightly bound and tape-gagged on a bed; the money-obsessed man refuses to believe that she knows nothing about the stash's location. Rolling about and straining against her ropework proves futile so Harmony's still powerless when the vicious man returns from another failed search to tweak her nipples!

The greedy psycho's not giving up, so Harmony stretched out naked on a couch, her hands tied in front to her knees and her small bare feet perched on the couch's arm. Her answers are still unsatisfying to her tormentor so she's tape- gagged, then he escalates the intimidation by sticking several wooden matches between the trembling girl's toes and lighting another; although Harmony wriggles nervously, her feet remain unscathed! Even after she's rearranged on the couch and subjected to tickling of her ribs and bare soles, Harmony can't give information she doesn't have.

Still deprived of clothing, Harmony's moved to an old mattress, where she sits secured with microfoam tape around her wrists and ankles, her voice muffled by more strips of tape. Harmony's small body is no match even for limited bondage, so she remains trapped despite vigorous squirming; tickled, tweaked and hair- pulled, the novice realtor wishes she'd gone into a safer profession, one that wouldn't have brought her into contact with a money-hungry madman!

The good news for Harmony is that she's been allowed to don her blouse and skirt; the bad news is that she's lying hogtied and cleave-gagged on the mattress! Her feet are also still bare, so those soft little soles receive another does of fingers on flesh before her breasts are bared and skirt pulled up to allow a more extensive tickling exploration. Released from the hogtie, Harmony kneels submissively before her ankles are untied and she's led away by her new master!

ID #: KD-104
Price: $25.00