Ashly And Emma's Fishy Bondage Tale - DVD
Two Models, 44 Minutes

After a demanding day at work, Ashly Anderson enjoyed peacefully contemplating the backyard koi pond that was a special feature of the home that she shared with Emma Hix. So the last thing Ashly expected to encounter was an intruder loudly demanding to know which fish was the newest addition to the group! When she haltingly explained that she didn't know because her friend Emma was the true koi connoisseur, he responded in a perfectly rational fashion by holding her in bondage until Emma returned home. As the stunned Ashly sat bound to a chair, he silenced her with cloth stuffing held in place by an overmouth gag, then departed to welcome Emma, confident that the rope web he'd woven would easily withstand the buxom young businesswoman's struggling. Ashly's predicament darkened after the impatient man returned with ominous voyeuristic intent; bare breasts thrusting through her open blouse and stockinged-feet freed from her sandals, she twisted anxiously while they awaited Emma's arrival.

Poor Emma experienced the same alarming disorientation that Ashly had experienced earlier, the result of a menacing stranger in her home demanding answers and declaring that her friend was already bound and gagged! Dissatisfied with her halting responses, he decided on the same treatment for Emma so the slender blonde soon sat tied and tape-gagged in a large leather chair. As she struggled, feisty Emma managed to loosen the white tape from her lips and call for help, but the failed gag was replaced with a duct-tape/med-wrap combination wrapped around her head that effectively silenced her! While their unwelcome guest searched the house for information he'd failed to glean from the unfortunate pair, Emma rolled onto the floor and wriggled barefoot on the hardwood, but she had no more success freeing herself than Ashly.

Her colorful top gone, Emma shivered as she curled up bare- breasted and bound on the floor of their recreation room. The ruthless intruder had promised that she'd be reunited with Ashly before long and while she waited, Emma wondered at his disturbing interest in their fish. The answer arrived with Ashly, also tied up with her breasts exposed; like Emma, a knotted black cloth spread her lips. As the friends huddled side-by-side on the floor, he impatiently informed them that during a convoluted jewelry heist, a multi-million dollar diamond had found its way to a location where koi were sold, then somehow into the stomach of one of the fish! Sold by mistake, that fish was now in their pond and he needed to know which one they'd recently purchased; a refusal to co-operate would be regrettable for them! The bound girls traded nervous glances but Emma was reluctant to give an answer that would lead to the loss of the beautiful new fish. So the frustrated man left in disgust, confident that his pawns would remain powerless while he worked out a solution of his own. Unfortunately for Ashly and Emma, his confidence was well- founded, because despite energetic efforts to free each other, they soon lay writhing on their sides, still controlled by unyielding ropework!

It was alarmingly obvious that the obsessed man's alternative solution hadn't worked because Emma and Ashley were stripped naked and relocated to their bedroom. While the curvaceous brunette sat trussed and tape- gagged against the bed's headboard, Emma lay ungagged on her stomach, her legs folded so that her bare soles were perfectly placed for a tickle-influenced interrogation! Before long, the merciless man's tormenting of squealing Emma's foot- bottoms elicited the answer the petite blonde had tried so hard to avoid giving, then she was also gagged with microfoam tape and hogtied. Defeated by the evildoer, the bound and gagged nudes arched and rolled desperately on the bed, whimpering sadly and wondering if their ordeal was finally over.

Not quite as it turned out, because the vengeful man designed a final indignity for them before departing with his treasure. Ball-gagged and naked, Ashly and Emma stood in bound submission before the bar where they'd once relaxed happily; now their toe-tied bare feet made balancing a precarious chore for innocent women trapped by a devious scheme! He did take pity at last by raising them onto the bar, where they sat next to each other and shared the humiliating restraint they were unable to escape!

ID #: HH-191
Price: $25.00