Stressful Restraint For Seductive Strugglers - DVD
Six Models, 46 Minutes

Naughty Nina North didn't take her jail-time seriously until a no- nonsense jailer caught her escaping from her cell and gave the busty little celebrity a stern lesson in confinement. Deprived of all clothing except her sandals, Nina stood pinned to the bars of her cell with coils of black rope that framed her eye-catching breasts, and glowered at the smug jailer as she mouthed a ball-gag! Did Nina reform after her humiliating exposure? We have our doubts.

A quiet day at the office took a chilling turn for Paige Owens when she was accosted by a bad girl on the run who demanded her clothes! After donating her top, skirt and heels, the anxious office-worker was tightly bound in bra and panties, gagged with duct-tape and seated in her chair. Determined Paige got ahold of her phone after carefully rising to her feet, but was thwarted by the ruthless woman, who left her hogtied on top of her desk!

Conscientious student Victoria Steffanie wasn't surprised when she uncovered evidence that Professor Smith was receiving bribes; she was surprised when the corrupt educator materialized to hold her in bondage! Roped to a chair in her grey jacket, plaid skirt and white socks, Victoria was silenced with cloth stuffing and a gag tied over her mouth; before the sleazy prof took a powder, he couldn't resist getting a look at the luscious blonde scholar's naked breasts.

Stripped to thong panties, toned but trussed Aspen Celeste struggled in awkward restraint on her stomach with her long legs tethered wide to wooden bedposts. When Aspen's compelling eyes begged for rescue above her wraparound tape-gag, her legs were freed from the posts but folded into a cross-ankled hogtie!

Exotic beauty Eliza Ibarra had just begun introducing her naive little girlfriend Danni Rivers to the joys of bondage play when cynical intruders hijacked the encounter for their own enjoyment. Kneeling bound and naked on the bed, Danni writhed in embarrassment when Eliza was compelled to fondle her breasts and wriggled when she was tickled, then squirmed on her stomach as her bare toes were mouthed by her lover! Once they'd supplied sufficient kinky entertainment, Eliza was also tied up before both nude girls were gagged with black tape and seated on a bench at the lower end of their bed. Hobbled by ankle tethers, Danni and Eliza continued to strain against the ropework until they lay sprawled on the floor.

ID #: FB-507
Price: $25.00