Bound Babes! Ball-Gags! Bare Breasts! - DVD
Five Models, 45 Minutes

A warm summer day, a pleasant pond-fringed patio -- what better place for leggy Eliza Ibarra to take a brief nap in her bikini? But a creepy neighbor had been watching the slender brunette and when she awakened, Eliza was tied up on the wooden bench where she'd been napping and silenced with a ball-gag! Spirited Eliza twisted angrily in her bonds and sputtered indignantly after her breasts were bared but the delighted voyeur merely responded with an ankle tether to the bench that held her bare feet in place.

Standing naked and bound to a wooden bedpost, vivacious Paige Owens struggled against restraint that became progressively more rigorous. After the busty ball-gagged nude was untethered from the post, she sat on the bed, legs folded by rope coiled under her thighs. Although Paige continued to strain against the maddening ropework, once she was placed on her side with wrists and ankles linked, the ball-tie denied her any chance of escaping!

Aspen Celeste's toned body was powerless against the multiple knotted ropes pinning her to a wooden chair; her pleas for release were answered with a ball-gag! The naked blonde's plight became more precarious after her ankles were untied, then hitched separately to the back of the chair. Her legs spread wide, Aspen gasped when the mysterious figure returned to maliciously tilt back the chair while she squirmed in futile resistance.

It may have seemed like a nightmare at first to Victoria Steffanie -- jarred awake from peaceful on her bed, then tied up tight in her pink cotton nighty and gagged with duct-tape! But as the blonde beauty sat trembling in bondage, she was unable to deny the reality of this ominous event, especially after the cynical intruder bared her breasts. Trapped in the oppressive rope web, Victoria rolled around energetically on the bed and kicked up her white- socked feet.

It seemed so unfair to buxom little Nina North that she'd be trussed-up in a chair with a knotted black cloth spreading her lush lips. Because Nina had a pretty good idea that the flowery bra accompanying her purple panties would soon be adjusted to reveal the rope-framed breasts underneath, an escalation of her uncomfortable situation she could do without. Nina was right, of course, but between the tether pinning her torso to the chair and another yanking her bare feet under the seat, she had no choice but to wriggle and wait for help!

ID #: FB-508
Price: $25.00