Startling Cases Of Bound And Gagged Businesswomen - DVD
Seven Models, 48 Minutes

The interview process was unconventional to say the least, but the secretarial position was surprisingly high-paying, so Harmony Wonder and Lily Adams decided it was worth the temporary discomfort. According to the recruiting supervisor, his company's location was sketchy and quite a few clients shady, so employees were bound and gagged at a considerably higher rate than the national average. Given these unusual circumstances, it made good sense to test a potential employee's ability to struggle free from bondage and to view it as a key element in her hiring process. Cutting to the chase, he informed Harmony and Lily that the first candidate to free herself would get the job! Securely trussed-up in their neat officewear and tape-gagged, the competitors strained desperately until they rolled off the couch where they'd been seated and lay exhausted on the floor in their stockinged feet!

When Nina North was caught with her hand in the metaphorical cookie-jar, she tried to convince the suspicious target of her investigation that she'd simply wandered into the wrong room at his office. But it was difficult for Nina to explain away the fact that she was sneaking around in her stockinged feet or her presence at an office where nobody knew her! So the intrepid investigator discovered the restrictive power of duct-tape coiled around her sleek black blouse and pantyhosed legs; the tape also muffled Nina's murmurs as the bespectacled beauty twisted hopelessly in stubborn restraint until she lay writhing on her side.

A classic case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time explained why business partners Eliza Ibarra and Danni Rivers were held in bondage until they could be safely released by cautious operatives. Ropes tightly knotted around their blouses and skirts, Danni and Eliza at first sat meekly on a couch, eyes wide above their tape- gags. But when it seemed that they were no longer being observed, Danni slipped onto the floor and managed to loosen her partner's ankle-bonds. Before Eliza could slip away to search for help, however, they were caught in the act and their annoyed keepers responded with hogties! Their stockinged feet raised above bowed bodies, Danni and Eliza lay arching in opposite directions on the couch, powerless to do anything more than wait for the end of their ordeal.

Aspen Celeste was a tall, statuesque woman who was used to being in command at the office but was swiftly humbled by rope when confronted by larcenous intruders. Her lips spread by a knotted black gag, Aspen shifted uncomfortably while she sat with her back against the desk, then made a determined attempt to escape by edging across the floor. Her initiative came to an abrupt end with a rope-link between her wrists and ankles; her skirt riding up and shoes removed, Aspen's dark stockings were on display from her waist to the tips of her arched soles as she rolled about awkwardly!

The mean-spirited thieves thought it was hilarious to seat bound and gagged assistant manager Paige Owens on top of the safe they'd emptied -- empty except for the skull borrowed from one of the shelves in the strange store- room. Professionally dressed in blouse, skirt and gleaming black pumps, bespectacled Paige radiated a modest allure that caught the eyes of her captors as she strained against their ropework. Under the circumstances, it was inevitable that Paige would lose her glasses and her breasts would be bared; indignant at being treated as a plaything, the courageous young executive struggled furiously until she lay on her stomach and kicked up her pantyhosed feet!

ID #: SB-169
Price: $25.00