Sexy Struggling Starlets - DVD
Two Models, 30 Minutes

Enticing blonde Carter Cruise and sizzling brunette Darcie Dolce were competent actresses but not good enough performers to conceal their contempt for each other. Their mutual disdain was insignificant, however, compared to the profound loathing felt for both by the man who'd lured them to this remote house with the promise of an exciting film role. A mentally unbalanced director whose career ended when Carter and Darcie put aside their differences long enough to get him fired from a project, he was obsessed with revenge. So instead of auditioning, the astonished actresses sat in oversized armchairs, their tight little dresses coiled with rope and their lips spread by white cloth gags! They twisted indignantly in bondage while he accused them of destroying his life; his vendetta gained momentum as Darcie's impressive breasts were exposed and their shoes removed. After they were moved to the floor, Carter and Darcie continued their futile struggling until the barefoot starlets lay on their sides, still hitched to the chairs.

"How about a bedroom scene?", mused the deranged director. Of course, this was a scene unlike any that Darcie and Carter had acted in before -- sitting bound and naked under the covers in a large bed, they sensed that their was increasing by the minute! When their nemesis was briefly absent, the rivals kicked free of the covers, then overcame their antipathy long enough to co- operate in an attempt to free each other. Despite feverish efforts, they failed to loosen the oppressive ropework and when the mad director returned he escalated their restraint with a pair of hogties! Arching desperately, bare soles rising close to their hands, the apprehensive actresses conveyed submissive emotions deeply satisfying to his wounded ego. But when he left to celebrate alone, Darcie summoned sufficient energy to free herself; as she pulled the black cleave-gag from her mouth, she promised to untie Carter. Worried that the madman was still nearby, however, Darcie immediately reneged on her promise and ran from the room, leaving Carter at his mercy!

Enraged by Darcie's escape, the unhinged film-maker focused his wrath on Carter, whose naked bondage continued after she was moved to a spacious bathroom. There she sat on the edge of a bathtub, eyes wide above the ball-gag spreading her lips as she strained against unyielding ropework and listened to the vicious man revel in her ous plight! A tape-gag replaced the ball when Carter was positioned in the tub, where she first sat in stunned acquiescence while listening to ominous hints of a surprise finale to this vendetta. Carter remained a spirited heroine, which she proved by kicking up her legs over the edge of the tub, but deserted by Darcie, in the clutches of an insane avenger, how could this bound and gagged starlet hope for rescue?

ID #: AK-11
Price: $25.00