Lola Shows Milana The Ropes - DVD
Two Models, 46 Minutes

Who's that pretty young lady sitting bound, gagged and blindfolded in a chair? Her name's Milana May, an aspiring investigative journalist who made the acquaintance of cat-suited operative Lola Pearl just moments before. Lola was hired by a shady entrepreneur to discourage Milana's zealous probing of his affairs; after allowing her captive to tremble alone, the energetic enr went into full attitude adjustment mode. Once Milana's blindfold was removed, Lola bared the petite struggler's breasts so she could fondle them with her black-gloved fingers! Milana's bare feet received a brief tickling bout, then Lola straddled her so she could lean in for a true in-your-face confrontation. To the mean girl's surprise, when she removed Milana's gag and demanded a promise to lay off her client, her courageous subject refused to submit.

Although it meant more work for her, Lola wasn't at all disappointed by Milana's defiance; she'd come prepared and relished the opportunity to spend more time playing with the enticing little brunette! Before long, Milana lay stretched out naked on a massage table, wrists and ankles pinned down and duct- tape muffling her voice as Lola tickled her bare soles and mouthed her toes. Working her way up the powerless girl's slender body, the lustful enr swatted Milana's bottom before devoting her full attention to a pair of defenseless nipples! Lola punctuated her domination of Milana by sliding onto the table and raising one long leg over the writhing nude -- but with her senses focused on her prey, she failed to hear a door opening!

Trussed-up on a small wooden bench and mouthing a black ball- gag, Lola silently cursed herself for the complacency that caused her downfall. After she was surprised by Milana's girlfriend, they secured her, then debated her immediate future; Milana won the argument, so instead of immediately involving the law, she took time for leisurely payback! Lola winced as her former plaything's vengeful fingers tweaked her nipples and hissed when her mask and boots were removed. Once she was barefoot and seated on the floor, the humiliated cat- girl squealed while Milana happily tested the sensitivity of her soles before giving her long dark hair a less-than-friendly yank; she'd soon discover that Milana hadn't forgotten her time on the massage table!

Lola had never felt more helpless -- stripped naked, lying face- down on the table, hands bound behind her and ankles tethered to immobilize those long legs. As she writhed, eyes wide above her duct-tape-gag, Lola recognized that she'd badly underestimated her target; she cringed when smirking Milana appeared and subjected her bare bottom to a much more vigorous spanking than the one she'd delivered! Pinned in place by the tight ankle bonds, Lola's foot- bottoms arched under ten-fingered torment from the girl who'd once seemed so meek. Lola's ordeal took an unexpected turn after she was tied down on her back, so that bold Milana could fondle her breasts and teasingly massage her pussy; bare-breasted herself, Milana crawled onto the table to straddle Lola. No longer a damsel in , Milana was literally on top of her squirming enemy -- but she wouldn't have long to enjoy her position!

Lola's client had expected a quick report informing him that the Milana problem had been solved. When Lola failed to contact him, the impatient man decided to check on her progress; instead, he found the reputedly formidable woman squirming pathetically in naked bondage while Milana toyed with her. Immediately taking charge of the situation, he returned the annoying little journalist to roped submission and scornfully told Lola that her services were no longer required. The one-time opponents sat trussed and tape-gagged next to each other on a wooden table, where they eyed each other with enmity at first. As they struggled in tight proximity, however, their contortions grew surprisingly sensual, a development that disgusted Lola's former employer. Before leaving, he short- circuited their burgeoning relationship by positioning Lola and Milana on their stomachs, ankles linked to the table-legs, so their mobility was limited to strenuous arching that did nothing to release them from restraint!

ID #: HH-197
Price: $25.00