Surprised, Gagged, Bound, Struggling, Helpless - DVD
Seven Models, 46 Minutes

Real-estate entrepreneur Carter Cruise is working hard at her desk when she's approached by a man who lost his house to her machinations. He's convinced that he can find incriminating information to use against her, so once Carter's sitting trussed-up and tape-gagged in her chair, the bitter man examines her computer and sifts through her file cabinets. When the bound businesswoman begins to roll her chair around too aggressively, she's relocated to the floor; legs hobbled by a waist-ankle tether, Carter slides onto her side and writhes angrily while her enemy builds his case!

An alarming sight confronts Vienna Black when she returns to the office -- it's her colleague Jasmine Vega sitting on top of the empty safe, her small body trapped in rope and her soft mouth filled with a black cloth gag! Vienna's destined for bondage as well, but she's more assertive than meek little Jasmine, so when they're briefly neglected by the burglars, the bespectacled secretary slips off her chair onto the floor. Edging close to Jasmine, Vienna attempts to loosen her bonds but they're busted before her plan can succeed. Intimidation follows, so the unfortunate pair are left huddling barefoot and bare-breasted on the floor!

It's surprising that someone who appears as innocent as Harmony Wonder can't stay out of trouble -- dressed in blouse, skirt, pantyhose and heels, eyes wide behind her glasses, she's bound and gagged again! Harmony's at the mercy of a malicious figure who takes advantage of her powerless predicament to remove the shoes and spectacles, then opens the blouse to reveal her delicate breasts. Folded onto her hip, Harmony twists on the wooden floor where she's been abandoned and murmurs anxiously behind her black cleave- gag; after rolling onto her side, she wriggles along the floor, stockinged feet flexing next to her bottom!

So neat and business-like in her jacket, blouse, skirt and heels, Alana Cruise understandably resents the precise lengths of white rope controlling her body as she sits in her office chair mouthing a white cleave-gag. Alana's plight becomes even more troubling when her breasts are bared, then concludes with restraint that challenges the wide-eyed little brunette's limited strength. After she's hogtied on top of the desk, her gag augmented with duct-tape, Alana arches her stockinged soles as she strains pathetically against ropework that seems to grow tighter by the minute!

Danni Rivers and Sabina Rouge are relaxing in the aftermath of a profitable estate sale when they're ambushed by a passerby who notices all that green paper in their cashbox! While he takes Sabina throughout their house to check for more loot, Danni sits tied and tape-gagged in a dining-room chair; when they return, the pretty redhead joins her cousin in bondage. After Sabina and Danni edge their chairs closer so they can pluck at each other's bound wrists, the struggling girls are relocated on the floor and tethered several feet apart to the legs of the dining table, where only their stockinged feet can achieve proximity!

ID #: SB-170
Price: $25.00