College Girls Looking For Mary Jane - DVD
Two Models, 40 Minutes

It's an old, old story -- at least since the 60s -- a couple of college cuties in search of a score who instead encounter a sleazy dealer with lots of rope! Delicate blonde scholar Emma Starletto's the first to enter his den, while her sexy little pal Harmony Wonder cools her heels at the door. Unbeknownst to Emma, her boyfriend Ringo is deep in debt to the creep, a bit of information he communicates to her once the shocked girl's sitting bound on the floor. After stuffing cloth into Emma's mouth and tape-gagging her, he leaves her struggling while he goes to retrieve Harmony. Stunned by the sight of her friend in bondage, Harmony quickly succumbs to the powerful crook, who treats her to a similarly unpleasant mouth-stuffing process before placing her next to Emma. Although the two trussed-up collegians exert all the energy their small bodies can generate as they strain against their bonds, they remain the dealer's helpless pawns!

The dealer's sure that Ringo will pay off his debt once he's aware of Emma's plight; to emphasize her vulnerability, the fragile blonde's stripped of her top, shorts and boots and bound nude in a wooden chair. Seated next to her is poor Harmony, just as naked and wondering how she got dragged into this mess. Gleefully gagging the unfortunate students with cloth strips, the ruthless purveyor then gleans images sure to catch Ringo's attention while Emma and Harmony squirm side-by-side in bare-skinned !

While he waits for Ringo to get the message and bring him cash in exchange for Emma, the dealer reasons that the bound nudes might as well supply entertainment for him. Revealing a yen for lesbian interaction, he moves Harmony and Emma to a bed, where they sit tape-gagged and crotch- roped, then pushes them together and orders them to engage in sensual snuggling. When they defy him, the enslaved students are positioned face-to-face and linked by a taut rope connection around their waists; trapped in this immovable web, they at last engage in the breast contact and gag- kissing he's demanded.

Humiliation's on the agenda when Emma and Harmony stand next to a large wall-mirror; not satisfied to merely hold them in naked restraint, the demonic dealer has supplied them with colorful sponge-gags that resemble outsized duck-lips! Under the circumstances, it's only logical that he commands them to quack while viewing their bound bodies in the mirror. Once that bizarre episode concludes, they're ordered onto the floor, where they kneel facing each other for unconventional gag-kissing. Although Emma and Harmony at first resisted the demands for lesbian performance, they've grown more erotically playful and take turns slithering their gagged faces between each other's legs while undulating on the floor! The outcome of their unexpected journey results in a surprise for Ringo when he makes his belated arrival.

ID #: HH-204
Price: $25.00