Innocent Businesswomen Bound And Gagged - DVD
Six Models, 46 Minutes

Neatly dressed for work in blouse, skirt, jacket and heels, Emily Willis was almost ready to leave home when she heard the alarming sounds of a break-in. Emily tried to hide in the bathroom but was swiftly located, then held in bondage with a black cloth tied between her lips. Seated at first on a small leather cube, the bound girl rose carefully and tried to call for help through a nearby window, then slipped off her shoes as she considered a different way to escape. Emily's unplanned day-off would end, however, as she huddled on the floor in stockinged feet, her legs hobbled by a rope pinning her ankles and thighs together!

When Aiden Ashley returned home from a hard day at work, she had no idea that much worse was in store for her. Swarmed by three hooded figures, Aiden was quickly rendered helpless -- while a towering man stuffed cloth into her mouth and sealed it with duct-tape, another man bound her wrists behind her while a woman controlled her body! After more rope was coiled around her chest, Aiden was hitched to a bedpost, where she stood in disbelief until one of the intruders tossed her onto the bed. Once he'd removed her heels, he hogtied the barefoot executive, who struggled pathetically under the gaze of the three sinister strangers.

Courageous Michele James went straight to her corrupt boss and warned him that she was no longer going to ignore wrongdoing in the workplace. A righteous whistleblower was not a part of his unconventional business plan, so bespectacled Michele became an astonished captive sitting tied and gagged in a wooden chair. Because of her idealism and strict work ethic, Michele was not popular with her colleagues, so when they discovered her plight, releasing her was the last thing on their minds. Instead, the trembling girl descended from chair to floor, where she writhed barefoot, her impressive rope- framed breasts the object of leering commentary from her contemptible co- workers!

On the run, Whitney Wright had one chance to elude her pursuers but when the locked door refused to budge, she was trapped. Tied up and tape-gagged, the buxom secretary sat on the floor at the mercy of secretive evildoers who played with Whitney by baring her breasts and stealing her high heels! Although she gazed angrily at her tormentors and kicked up her bare feet while struggling vigorously, Whitney was soon folded onto her hip with a waist-ankle tether. Long dark hair flowing down over her shoulders and eyes wide above her gag, she was the perfect image of a DID!

When Lily Adams and Anny Aurora met with an embezzling employee, they expected a tense confrontation but his response went far beyond anything they'd imagined. After they were bound and seated on the desk, the desperate thief achieved a temporary solution of his problems by compelling Lily to call corporate headquarters. Once she'd claimed that her original report of his theft was erroneous, Lily was silenced with a dark cleave-gag similar to the one Anny was already mouthing. When he temporarily left them, the panic-stricken executives kicked off their heels and edged carefully off the desk to stand in stockinged feet, but his timely return thwarted any chance of escape. With Lily hogtied on top of the desk and Anny arching identically on the floor, the cowardly criminal went on the run!

ID #: SB-172
Price: $25.00