Wonder And Wilde: Girls With Special Skills Taken In Bondage - DVD
Two Models, 50 Minutes

The outcome was so foreseeable: Harmony Wonder had received a ton of publicity for her uncannily correct predictions of stock-market fluctuations, so it was only a matter of time before some money-hungry creep snatched her! Brought into the room bound, gagged and blindfolded, Harmony was tethered to a chair; when the gag was removed, she claimed that she was merely the front-woman for a sophisticated mathematical operation, but the inquisitor wasn't buying her denial. After re- gagging her with cloth- stuffing and duct-tape, the hooded operative left the hot little genius to struggle alone. Later, with both her blindfold and shoes out of the picture, he subjected Harmony to stockinged-sole interrogation; when that failed to elicit the answers he wanted, it was time for a new approach!

The new approach was named Jane Wilde, a petite friend of Harmony's whom the tireless villain grabbed so he could tie her hands behind her back before gagging her with a knotted black cloth! Her short dress coiled with rope, Jane sat writhing in a chair, her ankles tethered to its leg; anxious to escape, the tiny captive rolled onto the floor. Vigorously tugging on the rope that anchored her to the chair, Jane flexed her small sandaled bare feet and twisted on her side but failed to dislodge the tether. After replacing cloth with duct-tape over Jane's mouth, the hooded man finally released her from the rope-link, but only so he could carry the bound and gagged girl off for a rendezvous with Harmony!

Harmony had already been untied in preparation for Jane's arrival and when she saw her trussed-up little friend in the loathsome creature's clutches, she surrendered. Admitting that she indeed was the one who'd created the successful forecasting algorithms, Harmony was taken away to work her mathematical magic while Jane sat trapped in rope on the floor. Her contortions remained futile and after Harmony had demonstrated her skills, she was returned to bondage with Jane. Their legs folded by waist-ankle tethers, the helpless friends squirmed side-by-side and murmured to each other through their tape-gags. Harmony's struggles brought her onto her side, where she remained in awkward restraint until their oppressor returned to compliment her for the success of her most recent predictions -- she and Jane would be welcome to stay for awhile!

Satisfied that Harmony had become a servile contributor to his operation's wealth, the generous evildoer allowed his guests to replace dress and businesswear with more comfortable garb -- Harmony wore a silky pink robe while Jane was clad in a shining gold nighty. Of course they were still snared in rope and stood hitched to a wooden railing; when Harmony began to explain her activities to Jane, their vigilant keeper quieted them with tape! His female associate added a dose of humiliation to their plight when she mischievously exposed their breasts and pussies by tugging open their garments. Twisting pathetically in their bonds, the apprehensive pair trembled when the angry man returned to accuse Harmony of costing his organization millions by negatively manipulating her forecasts!

Two small bound and naked bodies curled up on a large crimson platform after Harmony was demoted from chief forecaster to organizational scapegoat. Gagged with duct-tape, Jane and Harmony huddled close together until their enraged captor ordered them onto their knees to en their submission, a task he zealously escalated by arranging them face-to-face in hogties! All hope seemed lost for these two innocent girls pinned in rope webs, but the dominant figure had neglected to take into account Harmony's inventive mind.

ID #: HH-208
Price: $25.00