Escape Is Futile For Tied-Up Couples - DVD
Ten Models, 45 Minutes

Lola Pearl experience a very unhappy Halloween when they're imprisoned in a dungeon! Lovely Lola's tied standing to a post in black lingerie and fishnet stockings while Dogo's trapped in stocks; both are ball-gagged. A hooded creature creeps in to bare Lola's breasts and tickle her, then the tickling on her stockinged soles becomes much more intense when she's switched to the stocks and Dogo looks on powerless after he's roped to the post.

Naked Cristiana Cinn and briefed Donnie Rock are tied face- down on a bed next to each other; both are tape-gagged and tethered to the bed's headboard. After energetic struggling, Cristiana pulls the tether free but it's soon used to hogtie her and Donnie gets the same body-bowing treatment.

It's a bad day for Max Evergreen, who's trussed to a chair in an exercise outfit and sneakers with a wraparound tape-gag to stifle his protests. Max struggles with muscular intensity, then shares bondage when pretty girlfriend Alix Lynx shows up and is tied up on the couch in blouse and skirt. Alix murmurs to Max through her own wrap-gag, then stands up in her stockinged feet and carefully moves close to her guy. Max manages to untie Alix's wrist-ropes but the outcome is not what he's hoping for.

Ultra-busty nude Victoria June's pinned with rope to a wooden chair while hunky Robby Echo sits bound on a nearby couch. The tape-gagged couple mumble to each other, then Robby carefully slips off the couch so he can attempt to loosen Victoria's bonds. When they're caught, Victoria's legs are raised onto a bench; she uses her toes to peel off Robby's gag, but he's then compelled to mouth her bare feet!

Hot little Emily Willis and muscular Codey Steele are trapped in rope and tape- gagged as they sit side-by-side on a mattress; Emily's been deprived of all her clothes while Codey's still wearing his briefs. As they strain against the extensive ropework, the bound and gagged pair roll onto their sides, where their face-to-face proximity's ensured by wrist-ankle rope-links.

ID #: CC-57
Price: $25.00