Maya Bijou: Left Behind In Bondage - DVD
One Model, 44 Minutes

Maya Bijou's day got off to a rough start and never improved. On the way to a shower, Maya was grabbed by a hooded man who swiftly tied her hands behind her after the little brunette's towel fell off her naked body! Once a knotted black cloth was secured between her lips, he coiled rope tightly around Maya's breasts, then seated her on the floor. Her ankles bound and duct-tape layered over the cleave-gag, Maya rolled around on the carpet until the disguised man returned to carry her off as his scheme unfolded.

Maya was ordered to dress in jacket, blouse and skirt because he'd originally planned for her to make a substantial withdrawal at the bank where she worked; to guarantee her co-operation, Maya's housemate and colleague would remain at home in bondage. The plan went awry when he learned that only Maya's friend was qualified to remove such a large amount of money, so she was sent to the bank while Maya remained behind as the bound and gagged hostage. Her mouth stuffed with cloth, lips sealed with duct-tape, the innocent pawn strained against the ropes controlling her limbs while she sat in a chair, then trembled when the disguised thief bared and fondled her breasts!

Because she was staying home from work, Maya was allowed to trade her businesswear for a polka-dot crop-top and short shorts but she received no respite from bondage. Gagged with microfoam tape, Maya struggled spiritedly on her bed and kicked up bare feet that soon caught the attention of a crook whose plan was not working out as smoothly as he'd hoped. So the cold-hearted man vented his frustration on Maya's sensitive naked soles with a tickling bout that she was powerless to prevent!

Maya made one escape attempt, edging down a steep stairway in nothing but those shorts, a snug rope web and a black cloth gag. Before she could make it to the front door, however, her dark nemesis intervened and prevented any further efforts to slip away by hitching her to a tall wooden post. After some friendly breast- caressing, he left to demand answers from Maya's friend, who seemed to be stalling in the performance of her task at the bank. The vicious man still had time to return and playfully pull the squirming girl's shorts down around her ankles, a humiliating exposure of her pantyless state.

To Maya's alarm, her friend did the unthinkable: She made the theft but then absconded with the ill-gotten gain herself! Lying bound and naked on a small platform, the alarmed captive could hear the curses of a man enraged by the collapse of his venture; she could only hope that he'd ignore her and slip away. The empty-handed thief couldn't resist a final encounter with the unlucky girl who was left behind; after roping her into a hogtie, he wound string around her big toes, then paid a final tribute to her ticklish foot-bottoms. Maya was relieved when he finally disappeared but would need hours of strenuous arching to free herself.

ID #: HH-211
Price: $25.00