Take Two Girls -- Add Bondage -- Stir In Deception - DVD
Two Models, 44 Minutes

Aiden Ashley looked like a million bucks in a floor-length black dress slashed to the waist but her partying plans were detoured into bondage. As Aiden stood tied and cleave-gagged in the bathroom where she'd been finishing her make-up, a live feed of her plight made its way to her boyfriend, boss of the Eighth Avenue gang. He was warned to stop invading his rival gang's Tenth Avenue turf; if he backed off, Aiden would be just fine. After Aiden slipped out of her platform heels, the slender brunette sank onto the bathroom floor, where she curled up barefoot and tested ropework that refused to yield.

A short time later, a similar message focusing on curvaceous Astrid Star was sent to the Tenth Avenue gang-boss ordering him to stay away from the Eighth Avenue area if he wanted his hot blonde girlfriend to remain healthy. Tied-up in a tight pink dress and tape-gagged, Astrid sat on a sofa and listened nervously to the harsh words, then twisted back and forth in her bonds until she lay on her side. She'd soon be taken to join Aiden, but after her ornamented high heels were removed, barefoot Astrid was roped into a punitive hogtie.

The devious manipulator was well on his way to turning two gangs against each other; at the center of his operation were a pair of gang-molls snared in bondage. Aiden and Astrid sat side-by-side, both unlucky girls tautly roped, tethered to chairs and ball-gagged; stylish Aiden was embarrassed by the copious drooling caused by her shiny red ball! Before long, their leering captor confirmed his domination by baring their breasts, then watched in amusement as the desperate strugglers slid onto the floor and twisted on their sides, ankles still linked to the chair-legs.

Stripped of their dresses, Aiden and Astrid sat next to each other on a small bed, trussed- up naked and tape-gagged. Still bewildered by the scheme that had placed them in jeopardy, they continued to resist their restraint; Aiden in particular was especially energetic as she rose up on her knees and twisted on her hip. When they turned back-to- back, however, and tried to free their wrists, the addition of rope-links between their ankles and chest-harnesses held Astrid and Aiden in awkward immobility on their sides.

A momentary lapse in concentration by the mastermind allowed Aiden and Astrid to briefly escape his control. Still naked and partially bound, but ungagged and with legs free of rope, they ran and tried to hide; for a few moments, the two gang groupies warily conversed about the mystifying nature of their abductions. Freedom of speech ended abruptly after they were hunted down and their mouths stuffed with cloth and taped by the annoyed man, who left them tied in the nook where they'd tried to hide. With Astrid seated on a wooden chest, athletic Aiden sat back on the floor and raised her legs in an unsuccessful effort to loosen her new friend's bonds with her toes. When the buxom blonde slid onto the floor, she huddled together with Aiden, both now sensing that their case was hopeless -- but reality often differs from appearance.

ID #: HH-212
Price: $25.00