The Professor Protector - DVD
Two Models, 48 Minutes

Professor Pepper Kester has a problem: To receive an undeserved A-grade, scheming student Aria Lee is threatening her with unfounded accusations that could damage her career! When the Professor's referred to an unconventional problem-solver, he promises to arrange a situation that will make Aria grateful to her. So when the meeting occurs, Aria's just begin to unfold her extortion plan when the Professor's ally bursts in and orders her to gag the stunned student. Pepper plays her role convincingly, stuffing cloth in Aria's mouth, then sealing it in place with duct-tape; once the barefoot little brunette's bound and helpless, Professor Kester's dragged away by the intruder. First straining against her bonds as she sits on the couch, then writhing on her side, Aria wages a losing battle to free herself.

The professor and her student were separated by enmity but are now united in naked restraint by the menacing invader, who returns with Pepper once she strips! After using duct-tape to bind and gag them, he leaves Aria and Pepper huddling next to each other on the couch while he supposedly heads off on a larcenous mission. Despite their intensive contortions across the couch, stubborn tape- bondage defies the nude pair's attempts to escape and continues to control them even after they roll onto the floor and thrash around in their sticky bonds.

Aria and Pepper remain in bare-skinned proximity after they're moved to the top of a stairway, where they shiver as they sit tethered to the railing. Cleave-gagged and securely trussed, the apprehensive student and role-playing professor both challenge their bondage energetically but with very different degrees of sincerity. The Professor's secret ally spices their captivity with humiliation by adding waist- ankle links that fold their legs and expose a pair of pussies when they kick up their legs.

The naughty student's attitude readjustment heads outside where Pepper and Aria, clothed now in tight dresses, stand side-by-side and roped to a wooden patio post. Eyes wide above their microfoam gags, the bound pair mumble excitedly as they try to communicate; Aria's looking at the Professor in an entirely different light now because she's hoping for a miraculous rescue. And Pepper delivers on schedule, first bursting free of her rope web, then untying the grateful girl, who promises there'll be no more threats and swears to study hard. Sounds like a happy ending for the Professor but there's a slight complication looming.

It's a bit embarrassing for Professor Kester but when the time comes to pay off her problem-solver, she pleads that her bank account's empty. The disgruntled operative is in no mood to wait for his reward, so it's back to bondage for Pepper, who's roped in a chair and gagged with cloth-stuffing and duct-tape. After the hard-working man accepts his loss philosophically and departs, the sexy academic is left in a bind once again, to fight against ropework that's not nearly as co- operative as it was during her most recent experience. Pepper certainly gives 100%, sliding off the chair, then edging across the floor, kicking up her bare feet, and finally moving carefully down the stairway until she sits looking sadly out the window.

ID #: HH-217
Price: $25.00