Captured Couples Get The Ropes - DVD
Ten Models, 43 Minutes

Brad Sterling and his secretary Kleio Valentien struggle through an office bondage experience that begins with busty Kleio chair- bound and Brad tied on the floor. After Kleio slips off the chair and sits back-to-back with Brad, the cleave-gagged pair work strenuously in an effort to free themselves. But when the secretary escapes her bonds, she has a surprise in store for her boss.

Despite Maya Kendrick's misgivings, Donnie Rock leads her into a mysterious dark room full of odd antiques he believes are valuable. When their adventure takes a dark turn, it would be fair for Maya to say "I told you so!", but the knotted cloth tied between her lips prevents communication with Donnie, who sits bound and gagged next to her. Their restraint becomes more rigorous after duct-tape's added to their cleave-gags and hogties turn them into face-down strugglers; barefoot Maya seems especially by their predicament.

Petite Alison Rey appears quite business-like in her jacket, blouse, skirt and heels but Alison's in no position to accomplish any work because she's sitting tied and tape-gagged in a chair. Although partner Codey Steele arrives with a payoff intended to free her, the arrangement falls apart and Codey quickly joins her in bondage. After their efforts to escape tight ropework fail, the callous captor bares Alison's breasts; the barefoot girl edges off her chair and is squirming on the floor next to Codey when rescuers arrive.

More bondage in the workplace, first for cute little secretary Alex De La Flor, who's cleave-gagged and chair-bound in her tight top and short plaid skirt. Kale Triplex is more conventionally garbed in a business-suit but also receives rope and gag treatment that leaves him writhing on the floor next to Alex's chair. Despite an impressive expenditure of energy, only Alex's perky breasts burst free of the ropework.

Studly teacher Ryan McLane's making out with luscious little student Danni Rivers when greedy intruders interfere with the romance by tying up the couple side-by-side on a bed. Danni's gagged with duct-tape, then struggles with Ryan before hopping off the bed; her gutsy initiative's punished with hogties for both lovers. Not satisfied with leaving the unfortunate pair struggling on their stomachs, one of the thugs takes Danni's sneakers as a trophy and tickles her very pink bare soles!

ID #: CC-58
Price: $25.00