Michelle Rae's Bondage Debut - DVD
One Model, 44 Minutes

Michelle Rae is a petite, pretty dark-haired young woman; Michelle has never encountered bondage before. Soon she will feel ropes tighten around her small body and pin her legs together; her eyes will widen above her first tape- gag as she adjusts to this novel situation. Clad in a lacy black floor- length evening gown that clings snugly to her body, Michelle sits roped to a chair and twists back and forth in her unaccustomed restraint. Before long, her delicate bare feet will emerge from high-heeled platform sandals and her garment will be adjusted to reveal a pair of pert breasts -- Michelle is learning what it means to be helpless.

Michelle is a hard-working young executive who's brought home a project from the office that will consume the rest of her evening. But her assignment will go unfinished because an intruder requisitions the documents before sidelining his stunned captive. Neatly trussed-up in her blouse and skirt and gagged with micro-foam tape, Michelle sits on the couch where she'd hoped to relax, her ankles hitched to its leg. Although she can't escape the ropes rendering her arms useless, Michelle loosens the tether and, after slipping her shoes off, stands carefully on her stockinged feet. Sorry, Michelle, you won't be going anywhere -- back on the couch with her legs folded by a waist-ankle link, she's destined for hours of frustrated struggling.

Michelle's looking forward to a day off, so she's casually clothed in a sleeveless top, blue jeans and sneakers. What she didn't expect were those annoying ropes once again securing her arms behind her back and holding her in place as she stands against a tall wooden post. A cloth tied over Michelle's mouth muffles objections that grow more pointed when the designer of her predicament jettisons the sneakers for another look at those cute bare feet, then slides down the top so that her nipples will have more room to breathe.

Michelle takes another step in her submissive education when she's stretched out on her back diagonally across a bed, her wrists and ankles connected to opposing bedposts. Her body's at first partially covered by a blanket that's soon pulled away to reveal that Michelle's wearing nothing but frilly white panties. Gagged with duct-tape, she twists urgently from one hip to another until she's repackaged into a hogtie. DID Michelle then arches with impressive commitment, her excitingly sculpted bare soles rising high above her head.

Michelle is surprised to find herself sitting awkwardly on the floor with her arms tied under her legs instead of behind her back; she's traded the white panties for blue but her gag's still duct-tape. No longer a bondage novice, Michelle tests the unfamiliar restraint by raising her bare feet high in the air, then stretching her legs flat against the floor. Once her wrists are linked to her ankles, Michelle's contortions become more difficult and she ends her journey of bound and gagged discovery wriggling on her side.

ID #: HH-226
Price: $25.00