Taming The Wilde Cat - DVD
One Model, 46 Minutes

Petite thrill-seeker Jane Wilde loved going on cat-burglar prowls that rewarded her with intoxicating excitement as well as fattening her bank account. But when a sly homeowner prepared a trap for Jane, her profitable career came to a screeching halt. Her black cat-suit clung even tighter to her small body once it was overpowered with white rope while her angry hisses were quieted with mouth stuffing and duct-tape. Jane was informed by a smug captor that her bad behavior would be rigorously disciplined with bondage before she was turned over to the authorities. Rolling around desperately on the bed, the little thief failed to loosen her bonds; after Jane's mask and heels were removed, another rope link folded her legs and held the barefoot girl in tighter restraint.

Once she was deprived of her catsuit, Jane knelt at the bed's headboard, held in place by a tether between her chest bonds and a metal bar between the bedposts. Cloth-stuffing secured by a knotted cleave- gag spread Jane's lips and the taut ropework controlled a curvaceous little body that was barely covered by a string-like black bra and thong. Although she leaned forward and strained vigorously against the rope web, Jane couldn't escape the trap, one that grew more ruthlessly restrictive once she was hogtied. Eyes wide above the gag that had been doubled with duct-tape, she arched angrily as her size-five bare feet flexed above her bound wrists.

Her naked body coiled with microfoam tape that also covered her mouth, Jane sat apprehensively in a large bathtub while she listened to the gloating woman promise her a very warm, cleansing bath! Eager to prevent such a soaking, she squirmed around the tub attempting to burst free of her tape bondage, then lay back and raised her legs against the spigot. But the ankle wrapping refused to break, so Jane lay huddling against the shining porcelain when her self-righteous oppressor returned.

The black fishnet body-stocking imperfectly clothing Jane appeared to be a mocking reminder of the catsuit she wore when she confidently entered the house. Bound hand and foot and gagged with a knotted black cloth, the predator was now the prey edging carefully down a long staircase. Before Jane could complete her journey to the first floor, she was snared to the wooden railing by rope extended from the web around her breasts. When the desperate girl's agitated struggling annoyed her hostess, a second connection between Jane's ankles and the railing confirmed her confinement.

As Jane's appointment with the law drew near, the stern disciplinarian prepared her for a new vocation after the inevitable state-financed timeout. Clothed in a sober grey dress, the remorseful delinquent also wore the ropes of shame one last time; an over-mouth gag matched the traditional style of her outfit. Even though Jane now recognized that the odds were stacked against her escaping, she strained against unrelenting knots while seated on a bleak staircase-landing. After she slipped out of her pumps, Jane kicked up her stockinged feet and twisted back and forth on her hips but remained a bound and gagged prisoner until a surprised officer arrived to take her into custody.

ID #: HH-228
Price: $25.00