Rainy Day Bondage - DVD
One Model, 43 Minutes

Aiden Ashley's easily bored so when a serious weather event prevented her from going to work, she searched urgently for a way to fill the empty hours. Bondage had always tempted her, so Aiden enlisted the assistance of a willing acquaintance and the game proceeded from there. Tied up in her long but revealing red dress and ornamented ankle boots, Aiden mouthed a white cleave-gag as she sat on a couch experiencing the ambivalent emotions of restraint. Before long, the sensual adventurer slipped onto the floor, where she rolled around on the carpet imagining herself as a damsel in dire .

Playing a sensual secretary dressed in white blouse, tight leather skirt and platform pumps, bound and tape-gagged Aiden luxuriated in the sensations produced by the rope tightened around her slender body and thrilled at the fantasies surging through her mind. After her friend pulled off her shoes and opened her blouse, Aiden at first playfully kicked up her bare feet, then folded herself into the large armchair and whimpered as if she were truly an innocent captive facing imminent .

When Aiden plunged into the daring depths of naked bondage, she was arranged as a neatly trussed centerpiece on a raw wooden coffee-table. Her lips spread by a knotted black cloth, Aiden alternated between curling up meekly and raising her legs for some naughtily intentional pussy display. Placed on her stomach, her body bowed by a short link between her wrists and ankles, the erotic explorer arched with abandon while acquainting herself with the physical challenges of a hogtie.

Yet another friend assisted Aiden in playing the role of an unsuspecting woman surprised and overpowered by an intruder while clad only in a bathrobe. Subdued by rope, Aiden sat in a chair, unable to prevent her mouth from being stuffed with cloth and sealed with duct-tape. As Aiden twisted back and forth, her struggling caused the robe to fall open and reveal her nude contours. Bound, gagged and humiliated, the hapless homeowner stood carefully and looked for an exit but was quickly re- seated and tethered to the chair.

Aiden's excursion into bondage ended on a gymnastic note when she was centered on a circular mini-trampoline. Hotter than ever in red booty-shorts, Aiden displayed impressive athletic ability despite restrictive ropework. Eyes sparkling above her microfoam gag, she moved easily from sitting to kneeling to hip-folding positions while engaging in energetic booty-bouncing on the elastic surface, which Aiden was able to continue even after her legs were constrained into a lotus-tie.

ID #: HH-229
Price: $25.00