Where's My Stuff? - DVD
Three Models, 36 Minutes

When she returned home, lovely Anny Aurora had a visitor waiting for her -- unfortunately it was a crazed Shay Ruskin, who demanded with increasing intensity that Anny turn over her "stuff". The bewildered blonde claimed to have no idea what Shay was talking about so she quickly found herself tied up in a chair, her mouth stuffed with cloth and sealed with duct- tape by the wacky intruder. While Shay searched the house for her missing possessions, bound and gagged Anny struggled apprehensively, unable to loosen the ropes pinning her to the chair. Returning empty-handed and frustrated, Shay took her interrogation in a new direction by pulling off poor Anny's boots and socks, then tickling her bare soles!

Anny hoped that housemate Charlotte Stokely would come to her rescue, but when the slender secretary appeared she was quickly overpowered by Shay. Before long, he disturbed woman had both friends trapped in rope and seated side-by-side on the floor. Although Anny was stripped to her bra and panties, Charlotte still wore her blouse, skirt and heels; after she also denied having any knowledge about Shay's mysterious "stuff", a tape-gag muffled her protests. When Shay returned to tossing their house, her captives turned back- to-back and feverishly attempted to free themselves; when their efforts failed, Charlotte slipped off her heels and began to squirm toward the stairway. But Shay swiftly intervened and pushed her back onto Anny's lap, where the delicate blonde trembled on her side, while the addled woman phoned her partner and made a shocking discovery -- she'd come to the wrong address!

Shay paid for her blunder with bondage when her angry partner arrived. Playing for time while planning an exit from the awkward situation, he restrained all three women standing against the stairway railing; roped naked to wooden posts, Anny and Charlotte flanked Shay, who retained her tight top and jeans. As they strained against the ropework that resulted from Shay's bungling, the nude friends directed tape-gag-stifled curses against the cause of their troubles. Shay did her best to ignore them, simply twisting in her bonds while Charlotte and Anny tugged hopelessly away from the posts and rose on bare feet.

Two innocent naked housemates were relegated to a large bathtub along with a seething villainess, who'd lost everything but her panties. The cleave-gagged trio maneuvered carefully in that large porcelain space, apparently unable to rise out of its depth until athletic Anny pushed herself up onto the edge of the tub. Still bound and gagged, long-legged Anny slid along the tub's outer rim until she could reach the floor with her bare toes. While her two companions watched in amazement, Anny rose to her feet and hopped out of the room; abandoned by Shay's callous partner, three helpless women would find their way out of bondage.

ID #: HH-233
Price: $25.00