Dramatic Bondage Surprises For Emma And Eliza - DVD
Two Models, 46 Minutes

Red lips drawn on white tape, a scarf carefully tied under her chin, a long coat draped over her bound body -- devious Eliza Ibarra used time-honored methods when she collected Emma Starletto. After arriving at their destination, Eliza removed the scarf and coat to reveal her prize, then stood towering over barefoot Emma, who was scantily-clad in a white crop-top and tiny plaid skirt. Once Emma was seated in a chair with her ankles tied, Eliza removed the initial gag and improved it by stuffing cloth in the trembling girl's mouth before sealing her lips with duct-tape. As Emma twisted nervously, her proud possessor made a phone call to confirm that the assignment had been completed; with time to kill, Eliza opened the petite prisoner's top and toyed with her nipples. After the collector's playtime was interrupted by a call, Emma was left struggling alone, desperate to escape her unthinkable plight.

When Eliza returned from an errand that took her longer to complete than expected, she was shocked to find an empty chair surrounded by ropes! Surprised and overpowered, the overconfident villainess soon sat tightly bound on a wooden chest while Emma continued the payback process with cloth and tape gagging. It would have been wiser for her to leave immediately but Emma couldn't resist teasing Eliza's bare breasts, then removing her strappy sandals and tickling her bare soles. When the vengeful little blonde heard Eliza's boss arriving, she left the humiliated bad girl squirming on top of the chest and ran, but she'd delayed her departure just a bit too long.

Because Eliza's employer was an unforgiving one, her blunder in allowing Emma to free herself was punished with bondage. The former enemies were stripped to their panties, identically trussed-up and cleave-gagged, then seated at the top of a wooden stairway. Tethered to posts, they writhed and murmured angrily at each other in front of a railing that suggested the bars of a wooden jail cell. Despite their understandable enmity, Emma and Eliza grudgingly began to co- operate, with the dark-haired beauty stretching out her long legs so that she could tug at her former plaything's wrist ropes with her bare toes. But the promising alliance was squelched within moments after ropes linked their ankles together in a web that limited their half-naked bodies to awkward contortions.

Eliza's cold-hearted boss decided to pit her against Emma in a contest that would reveal which one was worthy of his continued employment. Bound hand and foot, the tape-gagged and panty- clad pair scooted side-by-side on their bottoms along a wooden- floored hallway. After their arduous race ended in a draw, Emma and Eliza were raised to their feet and stood facing each other, their upper bodies linked by rope to tall wooden posts. The two apprehensive young women strained fully against the webs confining them, then huddled closer together, with mutual sympathy increasing after their panties were pulled down around their ankles.

Once the arrogant man-in-charge determined that neither Eliza nor Emma was worthy to be his operative, he declared that both would remain under his control. To emphasize his domination, he filled the bound and naked couple's mouths with cloth, then covered them with duct-tape. Their limbs once again controlled by rope, the two powerless nudes writhed on a low platform with their backs against the wall until the climax of their subjugation. Although Emma arched with especial abandon after her body was bowed by a hogtie, Eliza's strenuous but futile effort to loosen the connection folding her legs was almost as satisfying to the voyeuristic villain she'd once trusted.

ID #: HH-235
Price: $25.00