Spring Break Bondage - DVD
Two Models, 45 Minutes

When she went on vacation, Mackenzie Moss looked forward to basking in the sunshine and partying poolside. Instead the slender blonde stood roped to a wooden post in her frilly crop-top and denim shorts while a crazed man stuffed cloth into her mouth, then layered several strips of duct tape over it! Mackenzie's petite pal Daphne Dare at first assumed that her friend's bound and gagged plight was the result of a kinky game -- until she was also mouth-stuffed, taped and trussed-up! Perched on a chair next to Mackenzie, Daphne twisted strenuously in her tight blouse and skirt while her bare- breasted companion in bondage tugged against the rope pinning her to the post.

The vulnerable vacationers were allowed to change their outfits - - Mackenzie to a longer top but shorter shorts, while Daphne went with a tight bustier and even tighter washed jeans -- but were once more confined to rope and silenced with cloth and tape. Their cunning controller seated them far apart on a long sofa, certain that the desperate girls would edge toward each other and pluck at the knots mastering them. After appreciating their contortions, he bared their breasts and feet, then watched as Daphne and Mackenzie slid onto the floor and huddled together.

They'd finally reached the sunshine and swimming pool and looked hot in their swimsuits but it was difficult for Mackenzie and Daphne to enjoy their vacation because they were still tied-up and tape-gagged. Standing on a stone platform above the pool, the scantily-clad pair struggled cautiously; with some assistance from the man who'd made their special arrangements, perky breasts popped through rope frames. After they were lowered to a sitting position, Daphne and Mackenzie were ordered to dip their bare feet into the pool's chilly water, an exercise they didn't particularly enjoy.

Back indoors after their time in the sun, a gloomier predicament confronted the apprehensive couple, whose sweet naked bodies were now snared in rope. Murmuring back and forth through duct- tape gags, Mackenzie and Daphne sat in temporary submission at the end of a long hallway, then began to edge carefully along the wooden floor. As they strained in rope webs that refused to loosen, the bound and gagged girls progressed slowly on their bare bottoms until reaching the end of the hall, where their nemesis awaited!

From pool to pool-table: The darkly-humorous saboteur of vacations concluded his one-sided game with Daphne and Mackenzie by arranging them as if they were lovely naked billiard balls on the felt surface. Tautly secured with rope and gagged with white cleaves, the two courageous captives writhed on their sides until they were able to sit up and wriggle to the edge of the table. Mackenzie and Daphne could advance no further, so they sat for a moment, bare toes reaching out several feet above the floor before making a final attempt to free each other. After swinging their legs around and sitting back-to-back, twenty fingers intermingled and plucked futilely at bound wrists, a final tableau of struggling bare-skinned innocents that the devious man savored at his leisure.

ID #: HH-238
Price: $25.00