Morgan and Natalie's Unlucky Bondage Encounters - DVD
Two Models, 46 Minutes

Best friends Morgan Rain and Natalie Knight enjoyed their new secretarial jobs but ordinarily wouldn't have returned to the office after-hours. Morgan had forgotten an important assignment there, however, so she and Natalie went back to retrieve it, a fateful decision that subjected them to a night of bondage! After they stumbled onto a burglary in progress, slender blonde Morgan and petite Natalie were bound tightly and gagged with cloth-stuffing and duct-tape. Securely tied in their neat jackets, skirts and heels, ankles roped to the chairs where they sat, the pretty secretaries murmured anxiously through the tape sealing their lips and strained with futile vigor against ropework that seemed like something out of a bad dream. How could they have imagined that their one-sided battle against bondage was just beginning?

Morgan and Natalie had been tied and silenced at first for strictly practical reasons but their second encounter with uncomfortable restraint was arranged by the arrogant thieves for their own entertainment. After the trembling secretaries had their blouses opened and their shoes removed, the bare-breasted pair sat, legs dangling over the edge of the desk, where a thug once again stuffed cloth between their lips and sealed them with tape- gags. Despite their impossible situation, Morgan and Natalie were desperate to escape, so they twisted back-to-back and tugged at each other's wrists while the burglars sneered at their struggles. When Morgan slid off the desk and tried to hop away on her stockinged feet, however, it was time for the next phase of the unfortunate girls' ropework experience.

The thieving intruders decided that they'd enjoy the sight of Morgan and Natalie's naked bodies tightly roped, so after their clothes were confiscated, the former sat on the desk's edge and the latter on the floor. When Natalie stealthily raised her head closer to Morgan's feet, the slender nude attempted to remove her friend's tape-gag with her bare toes. Retaliation was swift, of course, with Morgan more stringently confined in a ball-tie on top of the desk while Natalie rolled on the floor, her legs folded by a waist-ankle link. Long after the larcenous voyeurs had departed with their loot, the naked secretaries finally freed themselves from rope!

Several days later, Natalie visited her friend's home and was shocked to find Morgan struggling in nude bondage on her bed. The petite secretary rushed to her rescue but received a signal that this was only a game -- their office experience had been disturbing but also stimulated Morgan's emotions in a surprisingly positive way. So she'd invited a talented rigger named Marlene to tie her up and now Natalie was welcome to play with her bound and naked body! Although she was reluctant at first, Natalie soon enthusiastically fondled Morgan's breasts, then exchanged roles and knelt bare- skinned, tied and tape-gagged as Morgan squeezed her nipples. Lying face-down, Natalie giggled behind her gag as her playful girlfriend tickled her bare soles -- but the fun was about to end with stunning swiftness!

Morgan enjoyed playing with her squirming little friend so much that at first she didn't notice that Marlene had disappeared. Only when she saw the woman she'd trusted discreetly attempting to remove one of her favorite art pieces from the house did Morgan understand that she'd been played! No more games for the disillusioned couple, who at first sat tied against the bed's headboard, their objections silenced with duct-tape.As a farewell display of her skills, Marlene hogtied Morgan and Natalie, leaving the sadder but wiser secretaries to arch emphatically as two pairs of shapely bare feet flexed above their heads.

ID #: HH-242
Price: $25.00