Ladies And Gentlemen Welcome To Bondage - DVD
Ten Models, 43 Minutes

The two intruders had Danni Rivers and Ryan McLane cornered! One demanded that Ryan accompany him to open the safe, and the other stayed with Danni to make sure she wouldn't try to escape. When Ryan gets back he ends up tied next to Danni as the intruders make off with the loot!

Stripped down to their underwear Maya Kendrick and Donnie Rock struggle together in bondage while their mouths are gagged with tape!

When Codey Steele finished his shower, he was quite surprised to find his sweetheart Alison Rey bound and gagged on the bed! "Alison! What happened?" Alison mmphed frantically, but she was unable to warn Codey in time that the intruders were still nearby! Codey and Alison end up tied next to each other, eventually being hogtied by their captors!

Unlucky lovers Alex De La Flor and Kale Triplex were surprised in bed by ruthless intruders who quickly bound and gagged them! They soon end up on a table with their ankles connected together so they can not hope away!

Holly Lace knew she had only a few seconds to hide the thumb drives that her crooked former boss so desperately wanted. After tossing them into a hollowed-out book that she slid under the couch, Holly was confronted by the menacing figure, who quickly bound and gagged her. When Holly's business partner Calvin Hardy arrived, he was shocked to discover her predicament but instead of being able to save her he ends up tied next to her and gagged with cloth!

ID #: CC-60
Price: $25.00