Provocative Pairs Struggle Against Restraint - DVD
Four Models, 47 Minutes

What a sweet contemporary scene: Eye-catching in her tight red top and denim shorts, Sophia Lux curls up barefoot in a dark leather recliner to play with her phone. Lurking just out of sight, however, is cat-burglar Lola Pearl, who wastes no time pouncing on Sophia. Once her pretty blonde prey sits tightly bound, Lola briskly straps a black ball-gag between her lips, then bares the squirming girl's breasts so she can fondle them and lick her nipples. Left alone while Lola loots her home, the dazed and humiliated Sophia twists anxiously in her seat and imagines what else Lola has planned for her.

As it turns out, Sophia is more resourceful than Lola expected so when she returns to play with her blonde bondage toy, she's ambushed by a hot girl out for payback! Now it's Lola sitting tied in the chair and mouthing the ball-gag that Sophia happily installs while mocking the powerless thief. Then Sophia takes revenge by inflicting the same treatment on Lola's breasts that she received before unmasking her and taking a selfie to record her victory over the bound and gagged burglar. Lola's embarrassing defeat reaches its low point after she lies whimpering on the floor while Sophia sits back in the recliner, stretches out her long legs and disciplines the unhappy footstool with her bare soles.

Aspiring rock star Jewelz Blu's first recording effort goes lamentably wrong when she and manager Vina Sky stumble into the wrong location. After they separate in confusion, Jewelz is seized by a paranoid figure angered by the intrusion; seated in an office chair, the stunned singer is subdued with black zip-ties, then her vocal talent's stifled with mouth stuffing and duct-tape. Panicky Jewelz spins the wheeled chair in search of Vina but when her petite friend appears, she's also grabbed, then secured in a chair with white zip ties and gagged like Jewelz. As they murmur nervously and cautiously test their plastic bonds, the stunned pair eye their chaotic surroundings and wonder what's in store for them next.

What's next is wardrobe depletion that deprives Jewelz of her iridescent bra and Vina of her jacket and skirt; both barefoot, they sit rope-bound and tape-gagged on the floor before a stack of boxes. Struggling side-by-side with Vina, blue-haired Jewelz is a striking sight, clad only in shining blue shorts, her impressive bare breasts tautly embraced by rope. The tiny brunette's more modestly dressed in a tight black teddy compressed by the white coils that subdue her little body. After Vina's breasts are also exposed, the beleaguered girls squirm face-to-face while attempting to scrape off their gags, then roll around on a striped white carpet designed to showcase their contortions, sadly unaware that they're the subjects of a bizarre practical joke.

After resolving their differences, Lola and Sophia share bondage that places them standing against a blank wall in playful lingerie that's disheveled piece by piece. Tied and tape-gagged, they turn back and forth daringly on their bare feet while Lola's plaid miniskirt and Sophia's green shorts descend around their ankles. Lola's panties follow, then tops are folded around chest-ropes so that both breasts and pussies are on display. When they turn to face each other, bare chests and tape-gags press together before Sophia and Lola slip onto the floor, where they remain frustrated companions in restraint.

ID #: FB-520
Price: $25.00