Four Barefoot Damsels In Hogtied - DVD
Four Models, 49 Minutes

Lola Pearl's absolutely glamorous in a short, form-fitting dress and high-heeled sandals but her tall, lithe body's controlled by coils of white rope and her lush lips spread by a knotted black cloth as she writhes strenuously on the floor. After her shoes are removed, Lola's hogtied but continues to vigorously challenge her restrictive situation while flexing her toe- tied bare feet.

Jewelz Blu and Vina Sky enjoy each other's company but lying stretched out naked next to each other on a bed involves more togetherness than they appreciate. Gagged with mouth-stuffing and semi-transparent tape, the blue-haired beauty and her petite friend tug with energetic futility against the ropes pinning their wrists above their heads and their ankles to the bed's lower rail. When they're released, however, Jewelz and Vina are treated to an even greater degree of intimacy as they kneel against the headboard, arms tied behind each other's backs and linked by a crotch-rope.

Jewelz and Vina are given the opportunity to stand up for themselves but since they're still naked, tied and gagged, their options are limited to cautious squirming and mumbling to each other through their cleave- gags. The mobility factor doesn't improve after the bound nudes are lowered onto the carpet with their legs folded by waist-ankle tethers. Twisting in frustration, Jewelz provides a dynamic display of her impressive breasts while Vina moves her delicate body around as nimbly as possible under the circumstances.

Exiled to an old mattress, the naked and tape-gagged pair are connected by a rope stretched between their bound ankles. First seated against the wall, then rolling around and kicking up their legs, Vina and Jewelz remain united by mutually awkward struggling. After the rope-link disappears, they strain separately against hogties that highlight their toe-tied bare feet.

When Melody Marks is in the mood to relax, she opts for a T- shirt, denim shorts and flat sandals; what she didn't plan on are the knotted ropes, mouth-stuffing and duct-tape. Seated on a low platform, the cute bespectacled nerd-girl strains unhappily against her bonds, then gasps indignantly after her glasses and sandals are removed and her breasts bared. The admirably voluptuous Melody receives a final addition to the rope network that leaves her arching emotionally in a hogtie, her sculpted naked soles mere inches from her bound wrists.

ID #: FB-521
Price: $25.00