The Infamous Girl Power Promo Reel - DVD
Two Models, 46 Minutes

TV actresses Bella Rolland and Lena Shelby are proud to show the advertisers promos of the next exciting season of Girl-Power!

Playing a TV detective, Lena encounters plenty of hazardous situations, such as this one that finds her sitting on a chair, tied up in her short black dress and gagged with duct-tape. Her eyes and straining body express anxiety but she still has hope that partner Bella will save the day. When Bella shows up, however, it turns out that her tall, powerful body is no match for the ropes tightened around her bright yellow dress. Sprawled on the floor next to Lena and also tape-gagged, Bella wages a losing battle against bondage before sadly resting her head in her friend's lap.

In another episode, the sexy investigators don't stay free for long. Lena's tight pink top and snug denim shorts are matched by taut coils of rope that leave the tape-gagged blonde star squirming in a more comfortable chair. Not far away, tape-gagged Amazon Bella also sits trussed- up in a striped blue romper; maneuvering in her office-chair, she attempts to send out a message to rescuers on a nearby computer, then rolls closer to her partner. Although they exert plenty of energy plucking at each other's wrists and scraping tape-gagged faces together, Lena and Bella are no closer to freedom than when they started.

Part 2 of their latest misadventure moves Lena to a couch, while Bella sits next to her on the floor. Costumed as in the previous scene, still securely bound and tape-gagged, the beautiful detectives at first seem overwhelmed by their plight but Bella soon turns and curls up on her hip in front of her partner. After murmuring back and forth, Lena stretches out her bare feet so she can tug at Bella's wrists with her toes; when that initiative fails, she directs her efforts to Bella's gag. These energetic contortions bring only negatives results, however, because once their legs are hobbled by waist-ankle rope-links, Bella's left twisting on her side while Lena struggles awkwardly on the couch.

A steamier encounter with bondage awaits our stars when they're reduced to bras and panties and confined to a bedroom. While busty Bella sits tied on a padded bench, lovely Lena reclines in rope against the bed's headboard. Despite the cleave-gags they're mouthing, the determined pair manage to communicate before Bella hops over to the bed so that she can move back-to- back with Lena. Once again, their commendable refusal to submit meekly backfires when annoyed villains up the ante by hogtying the defiant pair; tape- gagged now, Lena and Bella arch angrily while flexing bare soles hitched close to their hands.

Bella makes the most of an opportunity to display her solo- performing skills in an episode that begins with Lena's escape and a promise to send rescuers. Eye-catching in a tight crop-top and short shorts, Bella's hidden in a small bathroom where she sits against a wall mastered with rope and silenced with duct-tape. This courageous detective's not about to remain inert while waiting for help, so her long legs fold as she curls onto her hip, then stretch in front when she decides to edge along the hardwood floor in search of an exit. Bella's expressive eyes reveal her anxiety but it's likely she won't be in trouble much longer.

ID #: HH-251
Price: $25.00