Gianna Dior's Unsettling Bondage Dreams - DVD
Three Models, 53 Minutes

Therapist Mackenzie Moss was presented with an unusual challenge when patient Gianna Dior revealed that she often dreamed about women in bondage and had recently been troubled by especially vivid images of a young blonde woman bound and gagged in her bathrobe. Mackenzie tried to assist her patient but then Gianna experienced a striking dream about herself -- clad in a patterned white romper, she sat tied and tape-gagged on a small padded chair. As she turned back and forth trying to loosen her ropes, Gianna viewed her exertions in a nearby mirror. Later, her alarming restraint morphed into an even more restrictive position that pinned her to the chair, legs spread wide and her clothing adjusted to allow Gianna's bare breasts to emerge.

Unsure of how to proceed, Mackenzie consulted with a more experienced practitioner, who recommended an unusual approach: Normalize the experience by arranging for Mackenzie and Gianna to share bondage! After both women agreed, they were tied and tape-gagged, with the patient sitting up on the couch where she'd reclined and the therapist perched on the edge of a coffee table next to her. They tested their ropework tentatively at first while eyeing each other, then Gianna raised her bare feet more actively onto the table; after Mackenzie's shoes were removed, she sat struggling carefully on top of the table as Gianna rolled onto her side.

Mackenzie's consultant suggested that she and Gianna focus on trust-building while diving deeper into the bondage environment by dispensing with their clothes. Reluctant agreements followed, then the nude pair sat tightly bound next to each other on a different couch while Mackenzie's helpful mentor stuffed cloth in their mouths and sealed their lips with duct-tape. First back-to-back on the couch, then on the floor, therapist and patient worked zealously together during an ultimately unsuccessful effort to free their naked bodies from rope.

Patient-therapist bonding through bondage reached a new level of intimacy once Gianna and Mackenzie sat side-by-side against a bed's headboard. Bare flesh coiled with rope and lips spread by cleave-gags, they maneuvered cautiously on a white bedspread until suppressed emotions began to emerge. Mackenzie surprised her patient by leaning her head against Gianna's shoulder; when she moved farther away on the bed, the excited therapist raised her bare feet onto the squirming brunette's breasts! Mackenzie's potential for sensual play was drastically reduced after she and Gianna were hogtied; gagged with microfoam tape, they were reduced to strenuous but futile contortions, although the slender blonde psychologist was still able to roll onto her hip.

For a more extended look at Gianna's first dream, watch as timid blonde Candy White's relaxation time was sharply curtailed after she was trussed- up with tan rope tightened around her white bathrobe. Gagged with duct-tape, Candy stood barefoot against the wall, then curled up on the floor after the robe was opened to expose her breasts. To assure Candy's continuing submission, one final rope- link left the hapless girl hogtied and squirming on the carpet.

ID #: HH-252
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