Two Models, 47 Minutes

Take one cute little blonde (Natalie Knight), add one hot little brunette (Savannah Sixx) and you've got two perfect contestants for an unconventional reality TV show! If Natalie and Savannah can both escape from the show house, they'll win $1,000,000! If only one can slip out, however, she wins a mere $500, so there's plenty of motivation to cooperate. And the host is apparently motivated to prevent their exit, which he demonstrates by seizing Natalie, who's soon struggling tied and tape-gagged in her tight top and short shorts. Bespectacled Savannah receives the same rude treatment when she discovers her friend, then squirms next to Natalie after she's bound and gagged in her flowery dress. The barefoot girls eagerly collaborate in an effort to loosen their bonds but it's soon clear that they're not going anywhere.

So near and yet so far -- Natalie and Savannah are only a few feet away from breaking out of the house, but the formidable obstacle of naked bondage prevents them from winning the million bucks! Their nude bodies controlled by rope, the frustrated contestants sit with their backs against the house's front door and murmur behind tape-gags as they try to reach the outdoors that beckons through nearby windows. Despite their zealous contortions, including Savannah's attempt to stand, the tightly-bound pair will be staying indoors for awhile longer.

Their chances of leaving the house don't improve after Savannah and Natalie are pinned to wooden chairs with a generous application of rope around their bare-skinned bodies. With big money still in play, blonde and brunette reality stars aren't about to give up, instead twisting strenuously in their rope webs. Perhaps believing that a pinch of humiliation would intensify their already impressive commitment, the host arranges leg-spreading alterations to their bondage. Embarrassed and angry, Natalie and Savannah do struggle even harder, though with no greater success.

The contestants won't receive many more opportunities to win the prize, so it's understandable that after being stashed upstairs, Natalie and Savannah energetically wriggle their way down a wooden staircase. They've been allowed to wear panties for this venture and are cleave-gagged but the ropes cling just as tightly to their small bodies. When they reach the first floor, Natalie's attempt to loosen the knots binding Savannah's wrists with her bare toes ends in failure like their previous exertions.

One more chance for the discouraged competitors, who believed at first they'd have an easy time winning the money. Back in tight tops and short denim shorts, Savannah and Natalie lie facing each other on a sofa, almost mirror images of domination by rope and tape. After alternating futile barefoot initiatives to destabilize the ropework, Savannah slides onto the floor, where she sits with her back to Natalie, whose toes at last free her friend's wrists. There've been so many disappointments for this appealing couple but riches are now within reach!

ID #: HH-254
Price: $25.00