Tied Spies Learn The Ropes - DVD
Two Models, 48 Minutes

Both bright and beautiful, Vanna Bardot believed that she would be an excellent spy. After joining an espionage academy, Vanna moved swiftly through her first exercise, confident that she'd eluded her instructor's surveillance. Appropriately enticing in her short skirt and high-heeled sandals, Vanna was taking cell-phone photos in the target area when he caught her in the act. Then the novice spy learned that failure brought significant discipline -- sitting bound on a small black cube, Vanna was gagged with cloth-stuffing and tape, then twisted apprehensively, her confidence evaporated. Vanna's hapless state was emphasized after she was folded over the cube on her knees; barefoot and trapped in rope, Vanna recognized that spying would not be as easy as she expected.

Not far away, another apprentice spy was also entangled in the negative aspects of her chosen profession. Surprised like Vanna while practicing her trade, Ashley Red sat trussed-up in her short sleeveless dress while mouthing a knotted black cloth. Also like her colleague, barefoot Ashley was subjected to more rigorous restraint after she knelt on the platform where she'd been seated. Her ropework linked overhead to a hanging chain, the naive newcomer twisted carefully, eyes anxiously searching the area while she murmured behind the tape that now sealed her lips.

Their next exercise brought Vanna and Ashley together in a competitive contest. Tall and powerful Ashley used her superiority in strength to dominate tied and tape-gagged Vanna, towering over her barefoot rival as they stood against a wall. The smaller woman glared angrily up at Ashley, who arrogantly fondled her bare breasts, then seated her on the floor with her ankles tied. Humiliated and helpless, Vanna twisted angrily but her chance at payback arrived when the instructor intervened to remind Ashley that unexpected events were commonplace in espionage. Her strength nullified by tight bondage, she sat in the corner while Vanna toyed with her; the vengeful woman then removed her enemy's heels and enjoyed Ashley's gag-stifled giggles as she tickled her bare soles.

The instructor had been impressed by the trainees' competitive zeal but decided to arrange a common predicament that would require them to cooperate. Clad only in bras and panties, Vanna and Ashley were perched side-by-side on identical cubes in the same area where Vanna had first run into trouble. Mutual hostility radiated between the tied and tape- gagged pair as they twisted strenuously on the cubes to which they'd been tethered. After their breasts were exposed, they began to grudgingly assist each other by tugging at bound wrists until Ashley's knots finally loosened. Once she was freed, however, Ashley refused to return the favor, instead moving Vanna onto the floor and adding a link between her knees and chest. Tricked and defeated, the beautiful would-be spy struggled furiously.

Ashley didn't have long to enjoy her triumph -- naked, tape- gagged, her torso coiled with rope, she walked slowly into a small room, where she encountered a similarly-restrained Vanna. Vanna didn't try to hide her contempt for Ashley but the vigilant instructor decreed that they'd be left together in bondage once again to test their temperamental flexibility. As they sat with their backs against a propped-up table, Vanna controlled her anger and calculated that trying to team with Ashley could still benefit her in the instructor's eyes. But when she moved closer and tried to make peace, the larger woman knocked her on her side! Discipline for Ashley swiftly arrived in the form of a hogtie but to Vanna's disgust, her wrists and ankles were also hitched together. As she squirmed on her stomach next to Ashley, Vanna seriously questioned her decision to play the espionage game at all.

ID #: HH-255
Price: $25.00