The Governor And Blair - DVD
Two Models, 48 Minutes

Blair Williams was well aware that lovely governor Vanna Bardot was no ordinary politician. But when she interviewed for a secretarial position, Blair was shocked by the governor demand that she strip naked. Reluctant at first but eager to land the job, Blair removed her clothing, then also submitted to bondage at Vanna's request. Once the voluptuous bound nude stood towering above her, the kinky politician fondled her breasts before using cloth and tape to gag her. As Blair lay squirming on a couch, Vanna casually inspected other aspects of her anatomy until she was called away by one of her staff. Stunned by her situation but also finding it sensually satisfying, Blair lowered herself onto the floor, where she sat twisting in the tautly-applied ropes while awaiting Vanna's return.

Another surprise ensued for the aspiring secretary when Vanna informed her that they were about to exchange roles. Told that her behavior could cause political damage, the governor decided that allowing herself to be bound and gagged was the only solution. Once petite Vanna was tied-up in her tight top, short skirt and heels and seated in her large armchair, Blair took pleasure in gagging her, then caressing her chest and kissing the tape sealing her lips. Growing bolder, the buxom nude next thrust her massive breasts against the governor's face, a gesture Vanna apparently appreciated. Her dominant interlude concluded, Blair knelt and removed Vanna's heels so she could happily suck on the powerless politician's red-nailed bare toes. After Vanna was left alone, she twisted thoughtfully in the chair, aware that this intriguing restraint was required to protect her career.

The unprecedented encounter of job-seeker and governor continued after Vanna sacrificed her clothing, then sat tied and tape-gagged next to Blair on the floor. The slender nude and her voluptuous secretary contorted their bodies against the coiled rope controlling them, first stretching out their legs side-by-side before turning to support each other back-to-back. Perhaps energized by their nude proximity, the bound and gagged women tested their bonds more assertively as Vanna rolled onto her side, then Blair lay on her back and kicked up her legs. Before long, both lay face-down and wriggling on the carpet, still mastered by the restraint they'd accepted.

Blair and Vanna continued to share bondage while seated next to each other in wooden chairs, their naked bodies still firmly oppressed with familiar white strands knotted around them. Mouthing white cloth gags, they eyed each other with barely-suppressed excitement while undulating a few feet apart. The distance between these two strikingly contrasted nudes was soon reduced to nothing after delicate Vanna's ankles and knees were untied so that she could be relocated onto voluptuous Blair's lap. Her legs spread and tied to opposing sides of her new secretary's chair, Vanna straddled Blair face-to-face, leaning in boldly to exchange tape-gag kisses and bare-breasted pressure!

The unlikely romance continued after clothing returned to support the ever-present ropes. Blair and Vanna both wore tight tops and skirts as they stood balancing their bound bodies on high heels. Confined at the end of a hallway, they nuzzled each other's chests with tape-gagged faces, a gesture that required extra caution by the tall secretary. When their shoes disappeared, the mismatched couple sat barefoot on the floor, huddling together in bondage that apparently stimulated their mutual affection while preserving the governor's lofty status.

ID #: HH-259
Price: $25.00