There's No Cure For Stupid - DVD
Two Models, 48 Minutes

A conscientious therapist with strong opinions, Kendra James advised client Mackenzie Mace to break up with the much older man who was clearly trying to control her life. Kendra never imagined that Mackenzie's boyfriend was lurking outside her office, nor that he would burst in to interrupt the session. While Mackenzie watched in stunned subservience, her counselor sat tightly bound under the angry man's control; Kendra's indignant protests were answered with cloth stuffing sealed between her lips with tape. Left alone, the bespectacled psychologist writhed furiously in her chair and kicked up her legs until her heels flew off. After Kendra slid onto the floor, she twisted on her hip before falling onto her side; frustrated by this unprecedented predicament, Kendra maintained an energetic resistance that raised her stockinged feet into the air.

Still trapped in rope, Kendra was momentarily hopeful when Mackenzie slipped stealthily back into the office and began to untie her. But her youthful client didn't elude the egomaniacal man for long and when he caught up with Mackenzie, she joined her therapist in bondage. Moved to a different room, they sat chair-tied side-by-side; despite her pleas, Mackenzie was also silenced with cloth and tape. Her boyfriend was determined to intimidate both women so he watched happily as they strained against ropes that refused to loosen. Kendra and Mackenzie worked hard to shift their chairs back-to-back, then plucked at the knots controlling each other's wrists but failed to free themselves.

Enraged by the therapist's interference and embittered by his girlfriend's betrayal, the insecure man inflicted increasingly humiliating restraint on the women challenging his masculinity. Kendra and Mackenzie were both stripped naked and then, tightly trussed and tape-gagged, they sat squirming on a low rug-covered platform. Although he savored their powerless state, the vengeance-obsessed boyfriend couldn't resist emphasizing their submission with hogties that left his nude subjects arching pathetically before maneuvering back and forth on their sides.

The domination drama moved to a new location but Kendra and Mackenzie remained nude; bound hand and foot and gagged with knotted cloths, they sat hitched separately to the legs of an old couch. Aware that they had little chance of escaping, therapist and client tugged strenuously against their tethers while stretching out their legs to disrupt each other's ankle bonds with bare toes. Even these slight gestures of defiance annoyed Mackenzie's toxic man, who responded with rope-links that folded their legs until both women's bare feet nearly touched their thighs.

The damaged boyfriend's injured pride had been soothed by the success of his vendetta, so he generously allowed Mackenzie and Kendra to sit on the couch. Both were partially clothed, though still firmly controlled by rope and gagged with black tape that accentuated his nullification of their voices. Once they were no longer under his sinister supervision, the women who'd come together with a therapeutic purpose combined their fervent physical exertions in a final attempt to escape his control. Toes plucked at knots until one pair of wrists slipped out of the ropes that had stubbornly immobilized them -- would Kendra and Mackenzie liberate themselves at last?

ID #: HH-261
Price: $25.00