Bound And Gagged By A Ghost - DVD
Two Models, 46 Minutes

As soon as they entered it, best friends Vanna Bardot and Kiara Cole were thrilled by the vacation house where they expected to spend a relaxing week. Vanna noted that the house had often been used as a location for filming movies and TV; there'd even been a shoot several months earlier when an actor had a highly-publicized nervous breakdown. Once Kiara left, Vanna wasted no time in starting her vacation by stretching out on the couch to read a paperback. Relaxation turned to panic, however, when a skull-masked figure appeared, then wasted no time in tying Vanna's hands behind her before gagging her with cloth- stuffing and duct-tape. After tightening more rope around her breasts, the creature left the barefoot girl struggling on the floor -- a shocking sight that confronted Kiara when she returned. The delicate little blonde was also swiftly bound and gagged, then sat next to her friend, a pair of innocent young women whose vacation had turned into a nightmare!

Still securely trussed-up in her tight top and short skirt, still gagged with duct-tape, Vanna sat on a wooden chair to which she'd been tethered and gazed anxiously around the room that had seemed so pleasant and welcoming. She was worried about Kiara's absence but also slightly hopeful -- was it possible she'd escaped? Vanna's hope evaporated when the mysterious character carried in her petite friend, then set down Kiara, also tied and tape-gagged, in a chair next to her. As the hideous apparition moved menacingly around them, the powerless friends exchanged alarmed glances -- he hadn't spoken a word but his actions resonated with evil. Before long, breasts were bared to match their naked feet, then Kiara and vanna stealthily twisted in their chairs while attempting to reach the knots confining each other's wrists. But their nemesis materialized to discourage their initiative and send a wordless message that the games were just beginning.

Under different circumstances, the cute tops and short shorts Kiara and Vanna wore would have been considered appealingly playful. Their wrists were tied behind them and their bodies held close together by ropes coiled around their waists, however, as their demonic oppressor led the barefoot girls around in lockstep. Gagged with microfoam tape, they could only mumble their anguished exclamations as he tugged on the rope compelling them to follow him. After he settled them against the wall with their legs still free of rope, Vanna and Kiara made halting attempts to move toward the door but the cruel game continued when he herded them back. Once their ankles and knees were tied and breasts exposed again, the silent villain slithered between his playthings so he could turn them face-to- face until their nipples made embarrassing contact and gagged kisses were exchanged. When he mercifully ended this crude intervention, Kiara and Vanna huddled together, sadly certain that they hadn't seen the last of him.

Both vacation girls had lost their shorts and Kiara lay stretched out on a dining table in her pink leotard, wrists and ankles linked by rope to the table-legs; below her, Vanna sat on the floor under the control of a lotus-tie. The skull-masked menace was nowhere to be seen, so his tape-gagged captives strained desperately against the bonds he'd applied. Their hearts sank when they saw the awful mask once again, then his motive in arranging Kiara on the table became clear when his skeletal fingers vibrated against her slender bare soles. While Vanna watched, unable to aid her friend, the tiny blonde giggled behind her gag as he tickled his way from her feet to her ribs and underarms. Vanna cringed when he approached her but the unpredictable monster departed as quickly as he'd arrived; while Kiara twisted in rope above her, the bare-breasted struggler's contortions left her lying awkwardly on her side.

When Vanna and Kiara finally lost their clothes, they lay facedown and side-by-side on a small bed, their ankles hitched separately to bedposts. Eyes wide above their duct-tape gags, the unfortunate vacationers wriggled in futility on their stomachs while nervously awaiting the terrible being's inevitable return. During this last incursion, however, he merely subjected Kiara and Vanna to an alteration of their restraint that folded them onto their hips against the bed's headboard where they faced each other. Although rope mastered their naked bodies and prevented escape, Kiara and Vanna sensed that the creature's departure had been final; still skeptical that their ordeal was coming to an end, the gagged and bound friends tested the bonds with all the intensity they could muster . After they were discovered and freed by the woman who'd rented the house to them, Vanna and Kiara had to rethink their vacation plans, especially when that shocked homeowner revealed a surprising piece of information.

ID #: HH-264
Price: $25.00