Melody's Family Bondage Intrigue - DVD
Two Models, 49 Minutes

Courageous Melody Marks attempted to gain incriminating evidence against a thieving financial adviser by working undercover at his office. Unfortunately, he was far too experienced in shady dealings to be trapped by a pretty young intern. Instead, he seized Melody and after discovering her motive, he gagged the bound girl by stuffing cloth into her mouth and adding duct-tape. Tethered to a chair in her demure business outfit, Melody strained nervously against the tightly-secured ropes until the evil man returned. He revealed that Melody's cousin had come to find her and that she'd be staying in bondage as well. Meanwhile, the clever little investigator would entertain him by displaying the breasts that had been hidden under her jacket and blouse; once they were bared, Melody twisted in embarrassment and worried about her cousin's plight as well as her own.

When cousin Melody stopped answering her phone, Aliya Brynn went to find her, never imagining that the search would end with her slender body controlled by rope and her lush lips spread by a knotted black cloth! Seated on a wooden chair like Melody, the spunky brunette took a shot at escaping by slipping off her sandals and hopping barefoot to a nearby door. Aliya didn't get far, however, before she was pinned onto the chair by a rope web around her waist and thighs; the intensity of her struggling was reflected in the emotional expressiveness of her face. When she was told that she'd soon be reunited with Melody, Aliya was anxious to see her cousin but knew that release from their plight was unlikely.

Aliya was correct, of course, because after she was stripped to her skimpy black bra and panties, the inquisitive girl sat tightly bound at the edge of a couch, those expressive eyes wide above the white cloth tied between her lips. When Melody joined her, she was shocked to see her sweet cousin in bare-breasted restraint; her ankles hitched to the couch leg at the opposite end from Aliya, the voluptuous captive mumbled to her cousin through the cleave-gag she was mouthing. The agitated embezzler let them know that they'd be staying as his unhappy guests until he was ready to change his location; after he departed, Melody and Aliya twisted separately in their bonds before stretching toward each other in an attempt to free their wrists. During their desperate contortions, Aliya fell onto the floor, where Melody quickly joined her, then knelt protectively over her cousin, a sight that amused their cynical captor when he returned.

Melody and Aliya remained on the floor but they were deprived of their clothing by a ruthless man skilled at intimidation and their ability to interact was limited by the rope-links hitching their wrists to the couch-legs. The bound and gagged cousins still managed to swing their legs together so they could take turns plucking at each other's knotted ankles but their feeble resistance merely resulted in more rigorous restraint. Kneeling face-to-face with their wrists and ankles connected, the helpless nudes balanced precariously until a stunning outburst altered their relationship. Responding to Aliya's loud squeals, their captor peeled off her tape-gag and listened to a surprising offer: If she was freed, she'd share information about the family fund that would allow him to siphon out even more money. As Melody writhed in disbelief, her cousin's ropes were removed and she walked calmly away with the smug thief.

Melody had been shocked by her cousin's treachery but she was soon confronted by an Aliya she'd never known, one who'd been clothed by her new ally in a tight black minidress and high-heeled boots. Towering over Melody, who stood bound and naked, Aliya answered her pleas by tying a ball-gag in her mouth, then revealed how much she resented the wealthy cousin whose amateur detective scheme had drawn her into danger. But Aliya's resentment was matched by a lust for Melody's voluptuous body, which she energetically demonstrated by caressing her rope-framed breasts. After applying her lips to Melody's nipples, Aliya boldly slipped her fingers between the squirming girl's legs to massage her pussy. Her dominant episode concluded, Aliya abandoned her cousin, leaving Melody to struggle while she and her crooked mentor hit the road.

ID #: HH-266
Price: $25.00