She's 19 And Pretty And So Kinky - DVD
One Model, 46 Minutes

Natalie Knight is both cute and adventurous so she jumped at the chance to test the restrictive powers of a friend's ropework. Already tightly tied on her bed in a sleeveless white top and a short polka-dotted red skirt, Natalie permitted her mouth to be stuffed with cloth, then duct- taped. The petite struggler immediately challenged the bondage she'd accepted by rolling around on the bed and kicking up her sandaled bare feet before standing up on the floor nearby to continue her playful resistance.

Workplace restraint followed for Natalie, who accepted her boss's invitation to become a bound and gagged secretary. Roped to an office chair in her enticing pinstripe skirt and grey sweater, Natalie mouthed a snug white cleave-gag while twisting in her efficiently-knotted web. To maximize Natalie's sensual thrills, her ankles were tied separately to the chair-legs and panties slightly disheveled for a spread-legged experience.

It was time for Natalie to get a taste of nude bondage vulnerability so her little body was stripped of clothing and she was tied facedown on a massage table. Wrists bound behind her back and ankles tethered to the edge of the table, naked Natalie writhed on her stomach, her bright blue eyes wide above a black tape-gag. After the tiny struggler's bare feet were raised above her bottom in a hogtie, Natalie arched with even more energy but couldn't escape another change in position that left her lying on her back, hands tied down to a crotch-rope!

Natalie's journey into bare-skinned bondage next placed her standing stabilized by a rope to a chain overhead. Her stiff-nippled breasts thrusting through their rope frame, the daring girl rose on tiptoe and rotated carefully while murmuring through a microfoam tape-gag. Natalie's contortions became even more dynamic after she was lowered onto her knees, where she leaned forward intensely against the overhead connection while raising those shapely feet off the floor.

Released from the chain, Natalie sat almost obediently on the edge of a small bench, her naked body mastered by tautly-applied rope and her lips sealed by tape. Natalie was still full of energy so she maneuvered on top of the bench but was frozen there with an intricate application of rope linking her thighs to her chest. Trapped in the ball-tie, Natalie leaned back and teasingly raised her legs to display her soles and pussy.

ID #: HH-270
Price: $25.00