Cat Burglar Capture - DVD
Three Models, 40 Minutes

It was great to be a beautiful young actress traveling with a case full of jewelry - - until a cat burglar entered the picture! That's when Evelyn Claire made the acquaintance of Lola Pearl, who overpowered her as she relaxed on a couch; once she had Evelyn trussed-up in her black dress, Lola gleefully tightened a ball-gag between her lips, then left to search the house. Evelyn was no longer a privileged celebrity but a bound and gagged beauty in the clutches of a predatory thief, so her expressive face radiated anxiety as she struggled in Lola's web, unable to free anything but her bare feet from a pair of expensive high heels.

Lola was thrilled by the wealth she'd skim from Evelyn's possessions and more than a little turned on by the lovely starlet's emotional writhing. Because she failed to be vigilant, however, Lola received a nasty surprise from rival burglar Pussy Amour, who treated her to bonds and ball-gag similar to those she'd used to subdue Evelyn. The captive cat strained angrily on the floor and snarled at Pussy, then raised herself onto the couch next to Evelyn. Although she couldn't hide her satisfaction at Lola's downfall, Evelyn recognized their common plight and cooperated with the woman who'd bound her in an attempt to free their wrists before Pussy returned.

Pussy Amour savored the sight of the hapless pair squirming side-by-side on the sofa and couldn't resist taunting Lola but a stunning reversal of fortune was only moments away for her. Evelyn's agent was surprised that his calls received no response so returned just in time to ruin Pussy's plans. After grabbing her, he used a piece of rope lying nearby to bind the cat burglar's hands behind her, then gagged her with duct-tape; Pussy at first knelt on the floor facing her enemy but joined Lola on the couch after Evelyn was untied. While her agent went to call the police, the vengeful actress stretched out with her legs across Lola's lap, giving her the chance to mock the burglar's powerless condition by caressing her ball-gagged face with a mischievous bare foot.

While Evelyn enjoyed some payback, her agent was supposedly notifying the authorities that a pair of thieves were ready to be taken into custody. Instead he was considering a treacherous option -- abscond from the country with his client's fortune in jewelry! When greed won out, Evelyn lost her clothing as well as her property and was returned to bondage; Lola was also bound naked and tape-gagged, though the agent gallantly permitted Pussy to retain her costume. Flanked by the struggling trussed-up nudes, she sat on the floor and strained in frustration against her bonds, bitterly regretful that she hadn't quickly departed with the loot when she had the chance.

ID #: HH-271
Price: $25.00