Why Are Pretty Businesswomen Bound And Gagged So Often? - DVD
Five Models, 52 Minutes

Evelyn Claire waited anxiously while her supervisor Lola Pearl looked over the proposal she'd submitted but her ambitions diminished in importance after she was seized by cat burglar Pussy Amour! While Evelyn sat tied and cleave-gagged in her chair, Pussy zestfully coiled rope around Lola as she stood frozen by the burglar's intimidating presence. Once she completed her task, Pussy took some time to toy with the bound and gagged businesswomen before departing with the cash she'd come for. Evelyn and Lola were limited to squirming in the chairs to which they'd been pinned, uttering gag-muffled calls for help and plucking at each other's bonds with their bare feet.

Melody Marks was determined to bring down the sleazy financial consultant who'd looted a charitable fund sponsored by her family. After becoming a summer intern at his company, Melody moved cautiously until she believed there was an opportunity to investigate one of his offices. But the object of her anger had kept an eye on her for non-business reasons, so when Melody began to behave suspiciously he took the necessary actions to prevent her from causing trouble. Bound and gagged in her demure jacket and skirt, the courageous girl twisted in a chair until she was able to slip off her heels, then tried to hop away on her bare feet. Melody didn't get far before she was caught by her annoyed captor, who left her hogtied and tape-gagged on top of the desk nearby.

After becoming far too well-acquainted with ropes and gags, Melody was rescued when the fraudulent financial consultant skipped town. Unfortunately for the innocent intern, however, she hadn't seen the last of him; seized by the vengeful crook, Melody sat tied up in her bright yellow jacket and skirt on an old mattress and mouthed the white cloth between her lips. As her latest journey into bondage progressed, Melody's breasts were bared and her cleave-gag replaced by tape, then additions to the ropework folded her into a ball-tie. Once his intimidation campaign was complete and Melody was nearly immobilized, the vicious man departed after gloating at her hapless state while she wriggled on her side and arched her stockinged feet.

Proud of her skills as an undercover operative, Adira Allure had successfully located a drive packed with crucial information. She'd failed to exercise vigilance, however, concerning a rival agent who took the drive before controlling her with rope and tape. Not satisfied with merely subduing his pretty opponent, the cad stole her shoes and bared her breasts then watched as Adira struggled angrily in her bright red jacket and skirt. Adira's defeat was punctuated with a hogtie that left her arching on the white carpet, her stockinged feet flexing above her bound wrists.

It had taken Farrah Fay months of secretive research but she'd finally put together the proof that her office enemy was an embezzler. Then Farrah made the crucial mistake of confronting him instead of taking the evidence to their boss; her dark jacket and skirt coiled with white rope and a knotted black cloth spreading her lips, she sat stunned in her chair. After kicking off her heels and trying to hop away barefoot, Farrah was placed on the floor and tethered to the desk, where she writhed on her hip while her rival made off with the incriminating information.

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