Bound And Gagged In The Classroom - DVD
Two Models, 48 Minutes

The classroom conflict began when Lola Pearl warned troublesome student Natalie Knight that her behavior warranted suspension. Natalie retorted that she knew Lola was running a grades-for-pay scheme with the Vice-Principal and would happily inform the school board. The panic-stricken teacher responded by seizing Natalie; once the petite blonde whistle-blower stood bound against the blackboard, Lola stuffed cloth in her mouth and sealed it in place with duct-tape. As Natalie squirmed nervously, Lola toyed with her and pulled up her plaid skirt to reveal transparent yellow panties. After seating the bound and gagged student on the edge of her desk, the lustful teacher bared and fondled Natalie's breasts before pulling off her socks so she could tickle her small bare feet. Lola also found time to call her co-conspirator, Vice Principal Harris, and request his presence in the classroom.

Lola's smug satisfaction in her handling of the Natalie problem was deflated when Harris arrived and abruptly dissolved their partnership! Seated in bondage on the edge of her desk while her trussed-up student was relegated to her chair, Lola twisted angrily while the corrupt Vice-Principal demanded details about the overseas bank account she'd set up to hide their dishonest profits. Although she refused to answer at first, Lola was in no position to defy Harris; after surrendering the relevant information, she was tape-gagged. When he left to empty the account, teacher and student both struggled desperately as they eyed each other with distaste, but the desire to escape soon overcame the hostility resulting from their conflict. Lola slipped off her heels while Natalie backed the rolling chair close to the desk so that the teacher's bare toes could pluck at the knots controlling her wrists. But their venture was thwarted by Harris's swift return; to control the troublesome captives, Natalie's ankles were tethered to the chair and Lola's legs were folded as she sat on top of the desk.

The tenuous alliance between Lola and Natalie evaporated immediately when the callous administrator encouraged the student to enjoy some payback at her teacher's expense. With Lola perched on the edge of one of the classroom desks, Natalie gleefully stuffed cloth between her lips and completed the gag with tape. Lola's exposed breasts then received the same treatment she'd imposed on Natalie's, before the creative sprite went one better by applying her tongue to the indignant woman's nipples. Thrilled by her power, Natalie pulled on Lola's long dark hair, tickled her bare feet and scrawled a naughty message on the chalkboard before leaving her helpless and humiliated.

Natalie's exuberant exercise in domination ended in a disappointing return to bondage while VP Harris continued to scheme. Tied up in her nearly transparent bra and panties, Natalie sat on the floor next to Lola, who'd lost all clothing except for panties. The cleave-gagged pair writhed separately, then reluctantly attempted to cooperate again by using the support of the classroom lockers they were seated against to turn on their hips. When their wrists remained in knotted restraint, first Lola, then Natalie began to edge along the floor toward a nearby corridor in a final attempt to reach a potential rescuer. Harris swiftly blocked their path, however, because he had other plans for them.

Their hands tied behind them and bound ankles linked to a bed's ornamental head-frame, Lola and Natalie squirmed on their stomachs as they lay naked and tape- gagged at a location far from the classroom. They'd become pawns in a bewildering arrangement Harris had made with a sinister woman, who then betrayed the treacherous man. When she ordered that the alluring nudes be folded into hogties, Natalie and Lola arched with an impressive intensity that grew even more vigorous when their hopes for escape approached reality.

ID #: HH-276
Price: $25.00